Sunday, November 22, 2009

7 Month Old Molly Crawls

Here is our army crawling little girl. Paper is her biggest motivator. We tried to get her to crawl for other things, but she didn't budge.

Besides learning to crawl this week, Molly has also had another big first. Her first car wreck! That was accompanied by her first chiropractor adjustment. (We are all okay). She has also had her first real sickness and has a fever of 102 tonight. What a busy girl!

Dates with Ryan

It is tough being the little brother. Especially when your big brother is your best friend. Andrew and Ryan love to be together. They are usually inseparable. Ryan is happiest when Andrew plays with him and has no desire for other company or playmates. If Andrew jumps off the slide, then Ryan will follow. Ryan's Christmas list is identical to Andrew's. Most of the toys that are appropriate for Ryan's age just sit there untouched, because he wants to play with Andrew's toys. Ryan even waits to see what Andrew will wear in the morning before getting dressed, then insists on wearing the same thing. (No wonder everyone always asks if they are twins). And trying to focus on just Ryan by having Mommy and Me with friends Ryan's age, just makes Ryan sad every week. "I want Andrew come with my friends." Whenever someone asks how old he is, Ryan responds, "I 4, like Andrew." He does not see that Andrew is bigger or older. To Ryan , they are the same and should always be at the same place and do the same things. If Andrew has a friend over to play, Ryan is right there with them, playing the same things. He usually doesn't even mind having to be the bad guy. The sun rises and sets on Andrew in Ryan's world. And Andrew loves Ryan, too. Andrew has even started to sleep in Ryan's bed. They stay up late whispering and giggling. And most of the time Andrew is really sweet and patient with Ryan wanting to copy him or tag along with his older friends. He is a great big brother.

With that background, it will be easy for you to understand why the last two weekends have been very hard on my little Ry-guy. Last Saturday Andrew was invited to a Star Wars birthday party for a friend. Chad and Ryan were going to go on a Daddy/Son outing to the museum. Ryan insisted that he did not want to go there, he wanted to go to a Darth Vader party, too. So instead Chad took him to Target to get a light saber and to Chick-fil-A for a milkshake and told Ryan it was Ryan's own Darth Vader party. Ryan had a good time, but kept asking when they were going to go get Andrew.

This weekend Andrew was invited to his cousin's Super Hero party. I took Ryan with me to this awesome outdoor craft fair that included a hay ride and farm animals. Ryan had a great time running around the farm and riding on the tractor. He was giggly the whole time. He was such a good boy and I really enjoyed my time with him. I asked him if he had fun. His answer, "No, I want Andrew to see the llamas."

Oh well. I wanted my sons to be best friends. I am glad that they love each other so much. I just don't know what in the world I will do with Ryan in the fall if we send Andrew to school. I think the teacher would notice the extra kid was a bit small, no matter how much he insisted that he was 5 like Andrew.

Fall Pics

My friend, Courtney, babysat my boys a couple of weeks ago and took these pics as part of a class assignment. Isn't she great?!?!

Sittin' Pretty at 29 Weeks

Molly is sitting up all by herself and is quite proud of herself! We traveled down to Pinehurst last weekend to see family and to help out with a consignment sale that her Aunt Emily was hosting. Molly stayed at the school gym where the sale was held with Mommy most of the weekend, several hours each day. She never cried or complained. At one point she was sitting on the gym floor while Mommy hung up clothes. Mommy went to get another armful of dresses to hang up. Mommy returned to find that Molly had plopped down to her tummy, found her thumb, and had fallen fast asleep. No fussing, just decided she was tired and that the gym floor looked like as good a place as any to fall asleep.

Can you believe the amount of drool on this gal's sweater? She is always wet!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tom Sawyer

I would like to meet the child that was the muse for Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. If he was a contemporary author, I would swear that he was blog stalking me and creating his characters after my soon to be five year old. Not that Andrew is quite that mischievous...yet. It is just that he often amazes (and is it okay to say terrifies?) me with his thought processes. I never saw the world the way Andrew sees it. I don't remember being quite so "resourceful." Perhaps my mom can chime in and disagree. But really where on earth does he get this?!?!?!

Earlier this week I asked Andrew to please take care of his morning chores, which include taking the recycling down to the basement garage. He is usually pretty good about helping, but that day he had no desire to go to the basement. He pitched a fit, he told me he was scared, told me there were monsters down there, told me he was lonely, and told me he was hungry. Andrew threw open the pantry and started searching for something to feed his starving belly. That is when his eye caught the BBQ tongs. And at the same moment his little brother (aka: victim) walked in the room. I picked up the camera, because I thought it was a cute idea, to make picking up the garbage a fun game. I had no clue what was about to happen. (my brain doesn't work that way, remember).

"Look at these really fun grabbers Ryan! Do you want a turn?"

"See, they hold newspapers in them. Isn't that awesome?"

"I want to 'twy' that Andrew, please."
"Okay, but then you will have to take the recycling downstairs. I will open the doors for you."

"It too hard, you hold 'dese' and I carry the 'wecycling'."

How did he know it would work? He got someone else to do his job AND he got a companion to the basement garage. And Ryan was ecstatic to help! How in the world did he formulate that plan in the instant that he saw the tongs? Is it just a normal "super hero power" that comes with being the big brother? Having lived in a home as an only child for most of my life, I am truly mystified. Now what happens? Does Ryan perfect this skill having watched his big brother and learn to get Molly to do his work? Does Molly watch them both and become the Queen of the Universe?

She's A Maniac, Maniac - 28 weeks

Molly received this cute skirt and sweater from a friend at my baby shower. Ever since I have been on the look out for some cute babylegs to go with them. I finally found some this weekend and couldn't resist picking them up. She was wearing this outfit already that day, with tights. I took off the tights and set her toesies free. Man was she one happy girl. She was warm AND could suck on her feet.

Molly also has some sweet new moves. She can roll to get wherever she wants. She can also sit up for more than a few seconds, reach a toy, and sit back up again. (we just didn't happen to capture pics of that. Yes I know we are lame. Next week, I promise). She is quite proud of herself, starts laughing, and then falls over. She practices the rolling over and over and over again. These pics are from one of her rolling practice sessions. She really is a MANIAC ON THE FLOOR!

PS-I am hoping she forgives me someday for posting these pics of her cute chubby thighs. But I couldn't resist!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We started the holiday early by trick-or-treating at Daddy's work Friday. Daddy won first prize in the costume contest for his awesome Captain Hook and Ship. We painted it together as a family for Family Home Evening. Go Daddy! (Make sure to note the 2 week growth on his face). Did I mention that we love Halloween at our house?

Halloween morning we carved a pumpkin together. Andrew drew a design he wanted and Daddy made it for him on the pumpkin.

For lunch we ate pumpkin pancakes. Yum! As we were finishing, we got some surprise early trick-or-treaters all the way from Ft. Bragg! Even Lizzy the doggy was here dressed up as a witch!

For dinner we ate ghost shaped pizzas and apples with pumpkin dip we served in a bowl we made from Ryan's pumpkin. We then made this yummy cookie pizza with candy we received from trunk-or treat. I think it was the start of a fun new tradition.

After dinner we headed out in the rain to trick-or-treat. As a family we were the cast of Peter Pan for Halloween. Here is our Crew!

Andrew as Peter Pan

Ryan as the Tick Tock Croc

Daddy as Captain Hook

Molly as Tinkerbell

and Mommy as Wendy. (Somehow I only ended up in the group shot. Which is okay. My costume was the least interesting. Next year, I am going to be something cool, too!).

***Other interesting facts.
*The ship is made entirely from the tv box and packaging contents from our new tv. The mast is from an old volleyball net.
*We were mistaken for everything from Robinhood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Angel, Dinosaur, and more.
*First prize was a $60 gift card to Tripps.
*Andrew changed his mind a couple of weeks ago and wanted to be a Super Hero instead. We convinced him that since Peter Pan fought bad guys and could FLY that he was a super hero.

Molly's First Halloween

I know I posted a couple of Tinkerbell pics with the family post, but I couldn't resist sharing more. Sorry.

Molly had her 6 month check up this week. I was terrified to bring her to the doctor office where there were actually sick people. They let us in a side door, but I was still really nervous with all that is going around. She had 4 shots. The first two she didn't cry at all. The nurse commented how shocked she was that Molly didn't cry at all. Then Molly kindly screamed her head off the last two so as not to disappoint the nurse. Molly is 15 pounds and 5 ounces. She is 23 inches long. That is 25th and 35th percentile for her age. She is following the same trend as her brothers, and if she continues, will be in the 5th percentile at a year. She is sitting up for a few seconds. She also seems to understand a little of what we are saying to her these days. Chad asked her if she was hungry and she threw her head back and started reaching for me. A very clear YES!