Sunday, November 1, 2009


We started the holiday early by trick-or-treating at Daddy's work Friday. Daddy won first prize in the costume contest for his awesome Captain Hook and Ship. We painted it together as a family for Family Home Evening. Go Daddy! (Make sure to note the 2 week growth on his face). Did I mention that we love Halloween at our house?

Halloween morning we carved a pumpkin together. Andrew drew a design he wanted and Daddy made it for him on the pumpkin.

For lunch we ate pumpkin pancakes. Yum! As we were finishing, we got some surprise early trick-or-treaters all the way from Ft. Bragg! Even Lizzy the doggy was here dressed up as a witch!

For dinner we ate ghost shaped pizzas and apples with pumpkin dip we served in a bowl we made from Ryan's pumpkin. We then made this yummy cookie pizza with candy we received from trunk-or treat. I think it was the start of a fun new tradition.

After dinner we headed out in the rain to trick-or-treat. As a family we were the cast of Peter Pan for Halloween. Here is our Crew!

Andrew as Peter Pan

Ryan as the Tick Tock Croc

Daddy as Captain Hook

Molly as Tinkerbell

and Mommy as Wendy. (Somehow I only ended up in the group shot. Which is okay. My costume was the least interesting. Next year, I am going to be something cool, too!).

***Other interesting facts.
*The ship is made entirely from the tv box and packaging contents from our new tv. The mast is from an old volleyball net.
*We were mistaken for everything from Robinhood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Angel, Dinosaur, and more.
*First prize was a $60 gift card to Tripps.
*Andrew changed his mind a couple of weeks ago and wanted to be a Super Hero instead. We convinced him that since Peter Pan fought bad guys and could FLY that he was a super hero.


Rebekah said...

those costumes are GREAT!! did you make them? looks like you guys had a great time!!!

Janine said...

Amazing costumes! Everyone looks great, and I was very impressed by Chad's beard. :)

Wendy said...

MOlly looks SO cute, esp. that last shot from above. And now I see Chad's beard is real. He looks really authentic! Fun times!

kruegfam said...

Our short visit was fun and so worth it. You are a better Mommie than I ever was!

Greg and louise said...

Wow, I wish I had spent my Halloween with you guys. You had much more fun than I did. I love your costumes. Chad & Molly tie for best looking. ;-)

CR said...

You guys are the coolest! I thought Chad was Ben in the pic of the boys carving the pumpkin. He makes an excellent, scary pirate! I don't know how anyone could miss that you were cast of Peter Pan, but oh well. We missed you a LOT!

Christy said...

Chad makes a rockin' captain hook! The whole family was perfect. Molly is huge and gorgeous. What a lovely little tinkerbell she made. The boys looked straight out of a storybook. What a fun day!

Romney Family said...

How fun!!! You all look great and I'm sure it will be a Halloween to remember!

Natalie said...

Love it!

Andrea said...

That has to be the cutest Tinkerbell ever. Everyone looks great!

Brandon said...

wow! way to put together a great family theme! amazing. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

Amazing! Glad you linked this at Make & Takes this year. My son is being Captain Hook and my baby will be Peter Pan and daughter Tinkerbell this year. I love the Pirate Ship stroller idea! I just pinned this on Pinterest.