Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She's A Maniac, Maniac - 28 weeks

Molly received this cute skirt and sweater from a friend at my baby shower. Ever since I have been on the look out for some cute babylegs to go with them. I finally found some this weekend and couldn't resist picking them up. She was wearing this outfit already that day, with tights. I took off the tights and set her toesies free. Man was she one happy girl. She was warm AND could suck on her feet.

Molly also has some sweet new moves. She can roll to get wherever she wants. She can also sit up for more than a few seconds, reach a toy, and sit back up again. (we just didn't happen to capture pics of that. Yes I know we are lame. Next week, I promise). She is quite proud of herself, starts laughing, and then falls over. She practices the rolling over and over and over again. These pics are from one of her rolling practice sessions. She really is a MANIAC ON THE FLOOR!

PS-I am hoping she forgives me someday for posting these pics of her cute chubby thighs. But I couldn't resist!


CR said...

Those are too perfect! They bring me back to my teen years. She is SOO beautiful, what a joy she must be every day.

Emily said...

You forgot to mention that she is the BEST baby ever. I have never seen a more content happy baby who entertains herself, falls alseep in the floor when she is tired of playing and doesn't even fuss when she is hungry. I can see why you wouldn't post might start getting hate mail.