Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sittin' Pretty at 29 Weeks

Molly is sitting up all by herself and is quite proud of herself! We traveled down to Pinehurst last weekend to see family and to help out with a consignment sale that her Aunt Emily was hosting. Molly stayed at the school gym where the sale was held with Mommy most of the weekend, several hours each day. She never cried or complained. At one point she was sitting on the gym floor while Mommy hung up clothes. Mommy went to get another armful of dresses to hang up. Mommy returned to find that Molly had plopped down to her tummy, found her thumb, and had fallen fast asleep. No fussing, just decided she was tired and that the gym floor looked like as good a place as any to fall asleep.

Can you believe the amount of drool on this gal's sweater? She is always wet!


Rebekah said...

can't believe how big she's getting!!!!! so cute!!

CR said...

She is so perfect!