Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tom Sawyer

I would like to meet the child that was the muse for Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. If he was a contemporary author, I would swear that he was blog stalking me and creating his characters after my soon to be five year old. Not that Andrew is quite that mischievous...yet. It is just that he often amazes (and is it okay to say terrifies?) me with his thought processes. I never saw the world the way Andrew sees it. I don't remember being quite so "resourceful." Perhaps my mom can chime in and disagree. But really where on earth does he get this?!?!?!

Earlier this week I asked Andrew to please take care of his morning chores, which include taking the recycling down to the basement garage. He is usually pretty good about helping, but that day he had no desire to go to the basement. He pitched a fit, he told me he was scared, told me there were monsters down there, told me he was lonely, and told me he was hungry. Andrew threw open the pantry and started searching for something to feed his starving belly. That is when his eye caught the BBQ tongs. And at the same moment his little brother (aka: victim) walked in the room. I picked up the camera, because I thought it was a cute idea, to make picking up the garbage a fun game. I had no clue what was about to happen. (my brain doesn't work that way, remember).

"Look at these really fun grabbers Ryan! Do you want a turn?"

"See, they hold newspapers in them. Isn't that awesome?"

"I want to 'twy' that Andrew, please."
"Okay, but then you will have to take the recycling downstairs. I will open the doors for you."

"It too hard, you hold 'dese' and I carry the 'wecycling'."

How did he know it would work? He got someone else to do his job AND he got a companion to the basement garage. And Ryan was ecstatic to help! How in the world did he formulate that plan in the instant that he saw the tongs? Is it just a normal "super hero power" that comes with being the big brother? Having lived in a home as an only child for most of my life, I am truly mystified. Now what happens? Does Ryan perfect this skill having watched his big brother and learn to get Molly to do his work? Does Molly watch them both and become the Queen of the Universe?


CR said...

He is a genius! I love it. You must laugh and/or cry everyday! ;)

Laura said...

Jamison is a MASTER at manipulating his sisters into ANYTHING. IT is a recent perfected art, and I am in awe daily at how SMOOTH he cunning. It makes me scared. He is patient, as he slowly talks them into either doing something for him, gets them interested in coloring so they will leave him alone on the computer, or will go play dollies for FIVE MINUTES, then sneak away and whisper to me "i think this will work. They will be busy for awhile". DId he learn this from me?????
I love your Andrew. And yes, the younger ones will pick it up too....