Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Andrew is 5

So after his gigantic birthday party, we decided to have a low-key actual birthday day. We thought it would be fun to let Andrew choose everything we did that day. So what does a 5 year old plan when he gets to schedule the day? (We suggested the zoo, science museums, Monkey Joes, Chuck E. Cheese, he took none of our ideas).

6am-Andrew woke up. We told him it wasn't 7am yet, which is when they are allowed to come out of their room in the morning. His reply, "Mom...It is my birthday. You said I get to decide what we do today, and I am deciding to get up at 6am." He put on his Superman shirt and headed downstairs.

6:30am-We were eating breakfast. Andrew's choice on a day he could eat anything he wanted? Cereal with a scoop of peanut butter and milk.

7am-Opening presents. Andrew received The Millennium Falcon toy, a Super Hero Guess Who game, a puzzle, and Book of Mormon and pocket sized Children's Song Book. He was of course most excited about the Star Wars ship.

8am-We headed to Toys R Us. We told him in advance that we were NOT buying anything, but he still wanted to go and just look. And he and Ryan had a great time "Looking" for almost 2 hours. Their favorite was this smart cycle toy. They were giggling so hard that customers were stopping to watch them play on it. I think we should be paid some commission for any that were sold that day.
11am-We met Nana, Papa, Emily, and Rachel at our house and headed over to Pizza Hut. Andrew had never eaten there before, but insisted that this is where he really wanted to eat on his birthday. Not sure why, but it was fun.

1pm-Headed to Krispy Kreme to get birthday doughnuts. Again he didn't want a cake.

2pm-Watched the movie Incredibles for the first time while Ryan and Molly took naps. When they woke up we ate doughnuts and said good-bye to the Kruegers.

4pm-Went to the Fire department and to visit the police officer that lives in our neighborhood. Andrew said that his pretend birthday party he had seen pretend super heroes like Ironman and Batman, so on his REAL birthday he wanted to see REAL super heroes. (What a sweetheart). So we brought doughnuts and thank you cards to the fire department and to the policeman. The firemen let the boys climb on the truck. The policeman showed them all of his trophies and plaques and gave them bomb squad patches.

6pm-Home for dinner and played Mario Kart until bedtime.

We had a fun day, but I am glad that our lives aren't always planned by a 5 year old. I would be exhausted.

Andrew's 5 Year Old Favorites

Food: Ham
Color: Orange and blue
TV Show: Dinosaur Train
Movie: Star Wars (which he has never seen)
Super Hero: Ironman
Song: Star Wars Theme Song(which he sings. Yes I know it has no words, but he can sing the entire symphony).
Best Friends: "I have lots of friends. I can't choose only one."
Book: Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story
Toy: X Wing Fighter
Sport: Basketball


Rebekah said...

sounds like a great day!!!! my boys love all things star wars and paige knows the song too! They love watching the movies too. How fun! Happy Birthday Andrew.

CR said...

I LOVE Andrew! He is so fun. I am exhausted just reading about all you did. Calling the firemen/policemen our "real heroes" made me cry. I am sure that you all brightened up their Christmas!