Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Plaid - 33 Weeks

Molly went to have her pictures taken with her cousin, Amelia. The picture of the pair of them is a gift, so I won't post it yet. Here is the one of just Molly. Molly is crawling everywhere and has no problems getting where she wants to go. She finds wherever Mommy is and tries to crawl up her leg. She also loves playing with her brothers and their toys. Her big brothers are learning quickly that nothing on the floor is safe. (Oh, poor little guys ...just wait until she learns to pull up). Ryan even has a new nickname for her. His cousins have a Gunny-monster that comes and eats their toys that they don't clean up. One day after visiting his cousins' home, he started yelling, "Oh no, clean up clean up or the Molly-monster will eat our toys."


Christy said...

Awww. What a little angel! (And that super hero training party....awesome! You should be a party planner. Seriously.)

CR said...

I LOVE the plaid! She really could be on a magazine cover!

CR said...

I LOVE Molly-monster. Ryan is so clever.