Sunday, December 6, 2009

Molly's 32 Weeks

Molly has been in heaven this week. We put up our Christmas decorations and she also started crawling 3 times as fast. I don't think it is a coincidence. She loves to explore. She especially likes taking the train tracks around the Christmas tree apart. As you probably guessed, her brothers are NOT too happy about that. In fact Ryan tried to take a track away from her that she had managed to grab. I say "tried" because, Molly won the tug of war that ensued, but not without battle scars. She managed to scratch up her cheek with the track after she retrieved it from Ryan's fist. But she didn't cry. Molly also loves this Christmas Bear and crawls right over for regular "chats" with him.

Molly is cutting 4 teeth! Her brothers only had one tooth each on their first birthdays, so this is a pretty impressive feat in our household. She is miserable, though. I had never actually seen her really mad until this week.

Last night, we were trying to get out the door to the ward Christmas party. The kids were all playing in the playroom and Chad and I were gathering things. Next thing we know, Molly was in her car seat. Helpful Andrew had carried her there from two rooms away and put her in her seat so we could leave. An impressive (and terrifying) feat, as he weighs 35 pounds and she weighs 15. She doesn't look too upset though, does she?


shelley said...

hey, she's head side up in the car seat, and even facing the right way. so good job andrew. shaelyn has just recently tried to start carrying rachelle around. not very successfully, of course. i mean, shae's 27 pounds, and rachelle's close to 18. hahahahaha!

CR said...

Her outfit is fabulous, as is she!