Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top Secret Super Hero Training Camp

Ironman Andrew invited his buddies to join him at a Special Training Camp for Super Heroes to help celebrate his 5th Birthday.

As his guests arrived they colored in their Super Hero posters for the Wall of Fame in the Secret Super Hero Training Hide-out. After each training exercise, Supergirl gave each Hero a Super Hero sticker to add to their poster.

When all the candidates were there we headed downstairs to the Secret Super Hero Training Hide-out. We had covered the walls of the garage with black table cloths and had hung posters of super heroes.

It was in the 20s yesterday and our space heater struggled to heat up the garage, so the first thing we did were Super Hero warm-up exercises led by Batman.

Our first real training game was Superman's Pass the Kryptonite (played like Hot potato). When the Superman theme song paused, whoever was holding the Kryptonite (glow stick) lost all of his powers and crumbled to the floor. Batman carried them to the Powers Regenerator chair and spun them around 3 times so they could get their powers back.

Next we played Hulk's Break out game. Spidergirl wrapped each of the Hero Trainees in green streamers and they had to bust out.

The 3rd training exercise was Spiderman's Web game. It was played like pin the tail on the donkey, but you pinned the web on the bad guy. The hat didn't work as a very good blindfold. Every one of the boys hit the target with ease.

The 4th game was Batman's Stomp the bad guy. Each Hero got to stomp 3 balloons. They were excited to discover candy inside! We went upstairs to carry our candy to the treat bags in the hall.

We then put on our coats (remember it was 27 degrees) and went outside for the Flash's Super Fast Obstacle Course.

Our last training exercise brought us back down to the basement for an Ironman Pinata. The kids tried to whack it open, but in the end we used the pull strings. Each boy grabbed their candy and went upstairs to place it in their treat bags.

Imagine their surprise when they arrived and the bags were gone! All that was left was a note from the JOKER who said he had taken the bags! Boy were our Heroes upset! Joker left us clues to follow so we could catch him. The children were VERY CONCERNED about leaving their pinata candy, afraid the JOKER would return. Andrew's Nana volunteered to guard the candy.

The scavenger hunt led all over the yard and into the house. When we returned to the house to follow a clue, we discovered that Nana had been tied up by the JOKER and he had taken the pinata candy! Oh no!

Spiderwoman told the Heroes that she had special webs that could catch the Joker if we saw him. Batman made sure that the Heroes knew that Joker had a bomb attached to him, so that none of the Heroes should touch, hit or kick him, only spray him. We found the Joker hiding in the back yard and the Heroes attacked him with their webs. Batman saved the day and took the Joker to the police who took Joker to jail. ( I am not sure any of the kids will ever come over here to play again though. They were all very excited about and scared of the Joker at the same time).

Now that the treats were safe, we went back into the house for treats. Andrew had decided that he did not want birthday cake, he wanted DOUGHNUTS! So I figured out how to make a cake out of doughnuts. We went to Krispy Kreme and he chose all of the doughnuts he wanted to go in his cake. It was by far the easiest birthday cake I ever made. I let Andrew choose the whole menu. We ate Captain America's Candy Cups (Reeses), Wolverine Claws (bugles), Batman Batterang Bites (bat crackers I made out of tortillas), Flash's Fruit and Cheese Faves, and Joker's Tricky Mix (a snack mix Andrew created out of cereal and cookies and pretzels).

Andrew gave each of his guests Spiderman bags with their Superhero candy from the games, a Superhero puzzle, and 3 Superhero figures that he had chosen himself.

Thank you Aunt Emily H. for taking all of these pics. Thank you Aunt Rachel for being such a Super-girl. Thank you Nana for risking your life protecting our treats. Thank you Papa for making sure Joker came to the party.

Batman (aka Daddy)
Spidergirl (aka Mommy)

Super-girl (AKA Aunt Rachel)

Captain America (AKA Ryan)

Super Hero Squad


shelley said...

AWESOME!!!! you outdid me for sure! see, now when my friends make all their comments about how crazy i am, i'll just point them in your direction. "i'm not the only one!" i'll say. great job. i wish i was a little boy and could have come to your party.

Rebekah said...

super cute idea! i may be stealing this one myself!!!!

Cortney said...

I want to come to the next party- I would have fun just watching!

Greg and louise said...

Wow, what a fun, fun time. How will you ever top that one?

Jenny said...

Those kids look like they are having so much fun, almost as much fun as Chad! What a great idea for a party!

Romney Family said...

Wow! That looks like the best birthday party ever--what creative ideas!!! Can you plan a birthday party for me?

Gina said...

This is awesome!

CR said...

Spider-Girl is looking H-O-T!!! You guys are awesome! I wish I could come to your parties. ;)

Avni said...

I was going to say the same thing. Danielle - you look amazing!!! This party looks like so much fun. Man to be five again.

Liisa said...

What a great party! You are super parents to plan such a fun party. I think I would have been scared of the Joker.

Anonymous said...

I am in charge of the Cub Scout Family Camp this year and will use some of these ideas. Thanks!