Sunday, January 31, 2010

Molly at Bedtime 40 weeks

I love these jammies and wanted to get some pics of Molly in them in her crib. She happily chewed on the crib and laughed for the camera.

Then she slipped. And she sat there happily, until ....

she realized she couldn't stand back up. Man she was mad!

Until she figured out that she actually could stand back up.

All was right with the world again.

As the above photo shoot was going on, I heard Daddy telling the boys that they needed to clean up the big mess they had made with the books in their room. I guess he had missed the real culprit in action during bedtime stories the night before. So I brought her back in for a repeat performance, and to clear the good names of her brothers who were innocent...this time.

A very big mess made by a very little girl.

I don't think she looks one bit sorry.

Snowed In ?

If you have to be snowed in, it is great to live close to great friends. We woke up Saturday morning to 8 inches of snow! Since no one's daddies had to work and none of us could get to our normally scheduled obligations, we were able to play outside with our friends. Something that NEVER happens on the weekends. Our Daddy scored two great sleds for us on Friday! We grabbed them and after spending 20 minutes getting us all bundled up, we walked over to a great hill in our neighborhood.

Chad pulled the boys there in one of the new sleds and had Molly on his back. (I carried her home).

Molly sat in the backpack for quite a while happily watching us sled.

No one else came out to brave the hill with us, so it was only the three families from our church outside together.

Poor Ryan's mittens got wet and then he was done. He was inconsolable. He cried 90 % of the time we were there. And only Mommy holding him would do. This is a picture of Daddy trying to help him while Mommy was holding Molly. Luckily there were 2 other mommies there to help with Molly.

Andrew had a great time sledding with his friends, taking turns going down with all of the boys. He wouldn't sled with any of the girls, but he would let them use his sled.

Then as quickly as the tears began, Ryan's stopped. and he was laughing and smiling and SLEDDING!

Little Stinker

About the same time that Ryan became rational, the other children decided they were FREEZING and were finished. They wanted to go inside to warm up. The Thorntons invited us to their home to "warm up" with snow cream. Yum!

We headed to our own home for hot cocoa and hours of snow shoveling for the Mommy and Daddy. What a great work out!

Our church was canceled, so on Sunday morning, (with the Bishop's permission) we got together again with the Thorntons and Campbells for church. We shared a potluck lunch afterward. The kids are hoping that we get Snowed-in with our friends again next weekend. (And I can't say I blame them).

We shared the story of "Daniel and the Lion's Den" during primary time.

Andrew and Ryan worked hard on their lions.

Aren't they cute?

My favorite part of church at a friend's house was letting Molly crawl around and nursing her during church without having to leave. I think we should ask for permission to start a neighborhood branch. (just kidding...kind of).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ski Beech

For Chad's Christmas present, the kids and I gave him a day pass to Snowboard at Ski Beech. Coincidentally :), his best friend, Dave, received the same gift from his wife and kids. The guys took off a day of work and headed up this week to enjoy the slopes.

Daddy's Birthday Party at the Children's Museum

Daddy took the day off on his birthday. We went to the Children's Museum together in the morning. All of the pics are from our morning there. That afternoon we ate lunch at Chad's brother's house with their family. For dinner we took the kids out to eat with us to Carrabba's, then home for homemade peanut butter bombs for dessert. We had a great (and busy) day. Saturday, Nana, Papa, and Rachel came up and played Rock Band and ate dinner with us. It was nice enough that we grilled out. What a fun week!

Here is Chad's arm...the only part of him I caught on camera on HIS birthday. I should be fired as the photographer. Molly is looking at Clifford's big nose.

Andrew and Ryan made a great doughnut making team.

But this was by far their favorite activity. Feeding Clifford giant dog bones.

They stacked them high on the conveyor belt, turned the wheel...

and waited in the giant bowl for the bones to fall on top of them.

(Does anyone else have kids who did this or is it just mine)?

Happy Birthday, Dear. Thank you, Chad, for being the best Daddy and Husband anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for always putting us first. We are truly blessed.

Molly's Hide-out-9 Months Old

Molly turned 9 months old on her Daddy's birthday. Molly loves the new found freedom that mobility offers her. And where does a 9 month old go when she can go anywhere she wants? One of two places.

Choice 1: Wherever there is a toy that isn't hers to be played with. (She was very excited to find Daddy's guitar. She sang along as she hit it over and over again).

Choice 2: Under the kitchen table. She will crawl here from any corner of the house and play and play and play. (No matter how often she hits her head on the dangerous metal legs. She is undeterred by pain).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You've Got to Stand for Something - Molly 38 Weeks

Molly is pulling up on everything and everyone this week. She is a girl on the move.

She crawls to her target.

Gets her feet positioned just right.

Pushes up.

And then smiles to let us know how proud she is of herself.

Then she looks at the pretty baby in the mirror and gives her kisses. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If You're Happy and you Know it...Molly 37 Weeks

This week I took the darlings to story time at the library. It was a 40 minute storytime. Molly sat on the floor next to her brothers the entire time, enthralled at the stories and songs. (Really! It took Andrew 3 years before he would do that)! One of the songs they sang was, "If you're happy and you know it." Molly loves to sing, and sings rather loudly. She continues to sing when everyone stops, hoping to encourage them to begin again. (We have to leave Sacrament Meeting after opening song, usually). So when the librarian began to sing the Happy song, Molly began to "sing", too. When we got to the "Clap your hands" part, Molly did! And she hasn't stopped since. She breaks out in applause several times an hour. She is so proud of her newest trick. We were able to catch a few seconds of it on camera for you.

Now if we can just get her to start signing....

Molly Claps for the Camera

Molly 36 Weeks

We walked into Molly's room one morning this week to discover she was standing in her crib. She was quite proud of herself and was beaming ear to ear. She celebrated New Year's Eve by sleeping right through it at her Nana and Papa's home. She was a happy girl! She has started waving and saying "Hi!"

Molly's First Christmas 35 Weeks

Molly was her typical easy going self over the holidays. She was unruffled by all of the travel, all of the visitors, all of the mess. I won't recap everything from all of the other posts about how she spent her holidays. I will just hit her developmental highlights here. Over the Christmas week she perfected her army crawl and began pulling up to her knees in her crib. She started to eat entire jars of baby food in one sitting, which is an amazing feat for a baby at our house!

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day at Bragg

We drove after dinner in Pinehurst to Ft. Bragg to spend New Years with everyone, before Emily headed back to BYU. We spent a lot of time shopping, hanging out, eating yummy food, and playing games. Nana had received a Polar Express train for Christmas, and it was quite the hit with the grand kids. All 3 of them were so excited. I am not sure who loved it the most, but Molly managed to knock it over the most . Her brothers were not impressed.

This time it was Andrew's turn to be sick on a holiday for 25 minutes. He woke up New Year's Eve morning, threw up one time, and was fine the rest of the day, eating everything in sight. (Just like Ryan on Christmas Day). We ordered Japanese take out on New Year's Eve and put the kids to bed after dinner. We played Apples to Apples while we ate yummy snacks. We started to watch the movie UP when we were finished playing, and then most of us "party animals" fell asleep. Mom woke us up just in time to toast in the New Year with Sparkling Grape Juice and we all went to bed. WOW, I am so old! I was so out of it at the time, I didn't snap any pictures. (I probably wouldn't have shared any even if I had since we had all just woken up). :)

One day while we were there, Chad and Papa took the boys to Monkey Joe's. It was a zoo, but the boys had a blast! It was too crowded and the boys were too busy for Chad to get a lot of shots, but here is one he managed to capture.

6th Day of Christmas in Pinehurst

We loaded up the car and headed back to Pinehurst for the day of Wednesday morning. We wanted to be able to see Lara and her kids one more time before they headed back to Utah.

Can't get enough of this sweet girl!

The kids colored pictures to send to Uncle Chuck in a care package.

We managed to get a picture with 9 out of the 18 kids together.
(Believe it or not, but Chad did NOT have to clone any faces this time).

Chad's Dad took these two pics of Molly. Too cute!

AND we spent some more time trying for that elusive shot of the 3 littlest girls together. This set is even funnier than the last.

And the highlight of my day? Amelia smiled at ME! ME! ME!
(for the first time)