Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the 2nd NIGHT of Christmas at Grandmother Stone's

We headed after dinner in Pinehurst straight to my Grandmother Stone's home for her annual Christmas party.

Grandpa Bud was there waiting for us! Hooray! When we walked in, Ryan was overwhelmed by the number of people, but perked up as soon as he saw his Grandpa Bud.

As always there was a ton of yummy food, lots of people we love, and the annual wrapping paper fight. I usually hide out in the kitchen with the baby, but Andrew got right in the middle of it this year. This is a shot from the back, because, like I said, I was in the kitchen.

Another game we played was pass the baby. I think everybody there held Molly at one point or time, except for her parents. :)

Andrew and Ryan received Batman toys from Grandmother Stone. Molly received an adorable teddy bear that prays.

The only part of the party that was not absolutely wonderful was the fact that a train did not come by while we were there. Andrew talks about it all year long. He spent a lot of time on the front porch, waiting and waiting and waiting.


CR said...

Poor Andrew, it is never as fun without the train. Those look like such fun traditions.

CR said...

PS - I LOVE Molly's dress, she is gorgeous!