Sunday, January 10, 2010

3rd Day of Christmas - Grandpa Bud Comes Over

On the Sunday after Christmas, my dad, Grandpa Bud, came over for dinner and to open presents with the kids. All of us had a fun time playing with the toys he brought. We packed a lot of fun in our short time together!

This race track was the source of lots of giggles and silliness when the boys started using their arms and legs as tunnels.

They had a great time playing car crashes with their Dinosaur Crash Matchbox set.

Andrew received his first remote control vehicle, a Publix Semi. Grandpa Bud works for Publix.

Molly poses with a few of her gifts from her Grandpa Bud. She also received a hat, stocking, and a polar bear ball drop. So cute!

Like all babies however, the paper was the best part for Molly.

We had a fun time playing catch with the ball game and Foosball on the tabletop game Grandpa Bud brought, too. The Thomas Bingo was also a big hit! Andrew read Ryan and Grandpa Bud a bedtime story before we said good night.

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CR said...

We have Publix here, we love it! It is similar to Harris Teeter. Grandpa Bud looks like he is really fun.