Sunday, January 10, 2010

6th Day of Christmas in Pinehurst

We loaded up the car and headed back to Pinehurst for the day of Wednesday morning. We wanted to be able to see Lara and her kids one more time before they headed back to Utah.

Can't get enough of this sweet girl!

The kids colored pictures to send to Uncle Chuck in a care package.

We managed to get a picture with 9 out of the 18 kids together.
(Believe it or not, but Chad did NOT have to clone any faces this time).

Chad's Dad took these two pics of Molly. Too cute!

AND we spent some more time trying for that elusive shot of the 3 littlest girls together. This set is even funnier than the last.

And the highlight of my day? Amelia smiled at ME! ME! ME!
(for the first time)

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CR said...

At first I thought the first picture was Molly. The pics of the 3 girls are hilarious! Those will be so fun to show them when they get older.