Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve Traditions

We started Christmas Eve festivities early hosting a brunch at our home with Chad's parents, Jen with Alex and Evin, and Lara and her 5 kids. Somehow there are very few pics, sorry guys! Do you have any? Despite the lack of pictures, we had a really fun time together eating and playing Apples to Apples with the big kids and adults.

We had not gotten inside the house from saying goodbye before my parents and sisters arrived to continue the partying! We put Ryan and Molly down for a nap and a few of us headed to a local nursing facility to visit a member of our ward. When we returned we began our official celebrating! We started by decorating our traditional gingerbread display. This year it was a train.

We ate yummy Christmas appetizers and treats for dinner and drank hot apple cider. We sang Christmas carols together and played musical instruments. Here is a pic of Rachel and Andrew playing Emily's (least) FAVORITE, the Drummer Boy.

We held our second annual nativity pageant. We each chose a different character than the one we played the previous year. (Accept Molly, she was still Jesus, just after He had been born). I am no sure quite how reverent our reenactment is, but it sure creates some memories.

Emily as Expectant Mary

Andrew as Joseph

Molly as Baby Jesus

Chad was the donkey

Papa was a shepherd

Rachel made a beautiful wise(wo)man

Nana as the Angel
(I was the narrator/wiseman who apparently closed her eyes every time the camera was near her. Ryan was a crying camel. There aren't really and post-able pics of either of us).

On Christmas Eve, we open presents from Nana, Papa, Emily, and Rachel! Boy were they generous! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts!

Love this gift! What did we do before we had it?

Isn't his costume awesome?!?! Our friend made it!

We then put on jammies, read The Night Before Christmas together, and sprinkled the reindeer food outside.

We ended the evening reading the Christmas story from Luke together aloud, each taking turns. This year Andrew was able to take a turn reading a verse. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and we tucked the children in bed. We then said good-bye to my family who drove back home to Ft. Bragg.

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CR said...

Molly makes a Perfect Baby Jesus. Does that mean that Chad makes a perfect donkey too? Just kidding! You guys are awesome! And Emily and Rachel are beautiful.