Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daddy's Birthday Party at the Children's Museum

Daddy took the day off on his birthday. We went to the Children's Museum together in the morning. All of the pics are from our morning there. That afternoon we ate lunch at Chad's brother's house with their family. For dinner we took the kids out to eat with us to Carrabba's, then home for homemade peanut butter bombs for dessert. We had a great (and busy) day. Saturday, Nana, Papa, and Rachel came up and played Rock Band and ate dinner with us. It was nice enough that we grilled out. What a fun week!

Here is Chad's arm...the only part of him I caught on camera on HIS birthday. I should be fired as the photographer. Molly is looking at Clifford's big nose.

Andrew and Ryan made a great doughnut making team.

But this was by far their favorite activity. Feeding Clifford giant dog bones.

They stacked them high on the conveyor belt, turned the wheel...

and waited in the giant bowl for the bones to fall on top of them.

(Does anyone else have kids who did this or is it just mine)?

Happy Birthday, Dear. Thank you, Chad, for being the best Daddy and Husband anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for always putting us first. We are truly blessed.

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CR said...

Happy Birthday Chad! If my kids were there, I'm sure they would have been thrilled to get crushed by giant bones with your boys. As always, I LOVE Molly's head band!