Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home for Christmas

Our plans for Christmas day were to see what Santa brought, open gifts, eat breakfast and then get ready to head down to Colfax for Christmas Day with family. Then we planned to drive from there to Fort Bragg for the night. Those were our plans....

Then the children woke up on Christmas morning. Andrew was anxious to hurry downstairs to see what Santa left. Ryan...not so much. He laid in our bed and cried that his tummy hurt, "weally, weally bad. it yucky." We carried him downstairs where he brightened up for a moment upon seeing the train and Bat Cave Santa brought. Then he threw up everywhere. So plans were canceled and we settled in for our very first ever Christmas at home. We spent the day opening gifts from each other and playing with the kids with their new toys. We had a nice relaxing day, but we sure missed everyone. Here are a few pics of the kids with a few of their favorites.

Ryan with his train and Pedialyte Popsicle Christmas Breakfast
(the rest of us ate yummy muffins)

"I like Darth Vader. He is a bad guy." he tells us often.

"I love it. It is a great toy!"

Ryan and his "Bat-mo Cave"

Ryan told Santa at the mall that he really wanted a train.
(After he told us he really wanted a Bat Cave).

Andrew and Chad spent all day putting Legos together.
Andrew did a much better job than I thought he could do, as he is only 5.

So proud he finished it!

Molly loved what Santa brought her!

"For me?"

"I think I will use my teeth."


"I love it!"

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