Sunday, January 31, 2010

Molly at Bedtime 40 weeks

I love these jammies and wanted to get some pics of Molly in them in her crib. She happily chewed on the crib and laughed for the camera.

Then she slipped. And she sat there happily, until ....

she realized she couldn't stand back up. Man she was mad!

Until she figured out that she actually could stand back up.

All was right with the world again.

As the above photo shoot was going on, I heard Daddy telling the boys that they needed to clean up the big mess they had made with the books in their room. I guess he had missed the real culprit in action during bedtime stories the night before. So I brought her back in for a repeat performance, and to clear the good names of her brothers who were innocent...this time.

A very big mess made by a very little girl.

I don't think she looks one bit sorry.

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CR said...

She is fabulous, I love that girl! The sliding in the crib story is hilarious. And I'm sure her brothers were happy to be rescued, although I'm also sure that their future holds many times where she will get away with it. ;) Thanks for the great laughs Molly!