Sunday, January 24, 2010

Molly's Hide-out-9 Months Old

Molly turned 9 months old on her Daddy's birthday. Molly loves the new found freedom that mobility offers her. And where does a 9 month old go when she can go anywhere she wants? One of two places.

Choice 1: Wherever there is a toy that isn't hers to be played with. (She was very excited to find Daddy's guitar. She sang along as she hit it over and over again).

Choice 2: Under the kitchen table. She will crawl here from any corner of the house and play and play and play. (No matter how often she hits her head on the dangerous metal legs. She is undeterred by pain).

1 comment:

CR said...

She is too adorable and too precocious. I think that head band has to be my all time favorite!