Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed In ?

If you have to be snowed in, it is great to live close to great friends. We woke up Saturday morning to 8 inches of snow! Since no one's daddies had to work and none of us could get to our normally scheduled obligations, we were able to play outside with our friends. Something that NEVER happens on the weekends. Our Daddy scored two great sleds for us on Friday! We grabbed them and after spending 20 minutes getting us all bundled up, we walked over to a great hill in our neighborhood.

Chad pulled the boys there in one of the new sleds and had Molly on his back. (I carried her home).

Molly sat in the backpack for quite a while happily watching us sled.

No one else came out to brave the hill with us, so it was only the three families from our church outside together.

Poor Ryan's mittens got wet and then he was done. He was inconsolable. He cried 90 % of the time we were there. And only Mommy holding him would do. This is a picture of Daddy trying to help him while Mommy was holding Molly. Luckily there were 2 other mommies there to help with Molly.

Andrew had a great time sledding with his friends, taking turns going down with all of the boys. He wouldn't sled with any of the girls, but he would let them use his sled.

Then as quickly as the tears began, Ryan's stopped. and he was laughing and smiling and SLEDDING!

Little Stinker

About the same time that Ryan became rational, the other children decided they were FREEZING and were finished. They wanted to go inside to warm up. The Thorntons invited us to their home to "warm up" with snow cream. Yum!

We headed to our own home for hot cocoa and hours of snow shoveling for the Mommy and Daddy. What a great work out!

Our church was canceled, so on Sunday morning, (with the Bishop's permission) we got together again with the Thorntons and Campbells for church. We shared a potluck lunch afterward. The kids are hoping that we get Snowed-in with our friends again next weekend. (And I can't say I blame them).

We shared the story of "Daniel and the Lion's Den" during primary time.

Andrew and Ryan worked hard on their lions.

Aren't they cute?

My favorite part of church at a friend's house was letting Molly crawl around and nursing her during church without having to leave. I think we should ask for permission to start a neighborhood branch. (just kidding...kind of).


CR said...

Awesome. I REALLY miss you guys!

Greg and louise said...

Looks like wonderfully fun times. Love those babies.

Justin said...

Fun snow!

Janine said...

looks like a great weekend. It is nice to be so close to other members!