Sunday, February 21, 2010

He works hard for the money

The men of the house worked on clearing up the branches that had fallen in our yard during the ice storm, carrying branches from the backyard to the road.

Ryan filled the wagon all by himself and insisted on pulling it himself.

Andrew kept pushing himself to pick up bigger and bigger branches.

I was really proud of their efforts. It was a big project they worked for close to 2 hours with their daddy.

On one of their trips up the driveway, I overheard Andrew's conversation with his dad from our kitchen window. "Um Dad. I am going to get a lot of moneys for this job. I am gonna get paid like a thousand." Ryan didn't want to be left out. "I will get 40 moneys."

We had not discussed the subject of payment, but apparently they had decided that this deserved a salary. Andrew started to receive a small allowance on his fifth birthday and also the opportunity to do "money chores". Some chores he does without payment, because he is part of our family. Then there are extra jobs he can choose to do and get paid extra for, like 10 pennies for scrubbing the baseboards. So one thousand was quite the jump for my little entrepreneur. At story time at the library this week, the librarian asked the kids how you get money. Andrew responded, "You have to work REALLY HARD to earn money. It is not easy." I guess he figured he had worked really hard all morning with daddy, so he deserved money....a lot of money. His reward was quite a bit shy of his first bid, but he was still happy to drop it in his bank with the rest of his coins and plot what he will buy with his hard earned money. Either a transformer, a star wars lego ship, or a super hero game.

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CR said...

Your hard-working men are SO cute! Andrew and Ryan will both be great business men. And Andrew is so smart, because even if he only meant a thousand pennies, that adds up fast!