Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Train Park

I have a love/hate relationship with my kids' favorite park. I love it because it is fenced in, is sunny, has a pond where we feed turtles, a great picnic shelter, bathrooms that are opened year round, and a nice little walking trail. It is an easy place to talk to other moms, and still see all of your kids at once. But, alas, these are not the reasons why my kids love the park. No, they love it because it has a train. An actual train that comes by most afternoons. I would not take issue with said train, if it was punctual and appeared daily at a scheduled time, like trains are generally expected to run . I would love it if would actually appear after blowing its whistle and then chug on by at the speed of, well, a train. We could run back over and play on the playground. But no, this park is blessed to be located near a train cargo loading area. So most afternoons that we are at the park, we do get to hear that train whistle. My boys become very excited. They beg to run over to the fence from which they can see the train. We have to run quickly, because on some visits, the train speeds by before their little legs can reach the fence, and we have very sad kids. Some days, we run over very quickly and then wait for 30 - 45 minutes next to the fence while we can hear the train sitting still while it is being loaded, just out of sight, and then it never comes by the park. Then again, I have sad little kids. But what keeps my boys' faith alive, is that occasionally, that train comes forward and parks itself right in front of the park fence. And then that little engine just sits, and sits, and sits. Anyone with train obsessed munchkins knows that you cannot possibly leave before the caboose goes by, and sometimes this is 20 minutes or more. (delightful for my boys,me...not so much). There is also a really nice engineer, who is very aware of his little spectators. He blows the whistle and the horn repeatedly for his enthusiastic audience. Then there are no tears, only happy boys waving and shouting hello to the engineer, begging him to blow the whistle again. He happily obliges. (again, delightful for my boys, me...not so much). Luckily for them, Friday was one of those happy, tear free days. When I tucked them in that night Ryan said, "Tank you for taking me to the twain park. I love you, Mommy." So I guess we will have to go back again, to the park that I love (and hate).

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CR said...

You really are SUCH a good Mom! It is amazing how patient kids can be when they want to. I wish we could go to the train park with you.