Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines' Day Is a Major Holiday @ Our House

I know Valentines' Day isn't a MAJOR holiday at most homes. I know it was manufactured by card companies. I know that it is really meant for couples, not families. But I LOVE Valentines' Day. I love the colors, the candy, the lovey dovey cards and notes. I love playing games with the kids, baking, decorating, dancing. I know it isn't "normal" to celebrate it in such a big way. Our very diligent home teacher thought we were crazy when we told him he couldn't come by today because it was Valentines' Day. He was seeing all 3 of his other families today. They had no problem having him come. But here I sat, whining that they didn't cancel bishopric this morning so I could make Chad heart shaped waffles for breakfast. I wasn't about to let the home teachers come and cut into any of our family activities we had planned for the afternoon. (poor guy). For the past 5 years (since Andrew came along), we have made Valentines' Day a family day. We decorate, bake, have a dance, and eat heart themed food all day long. We go out on our date sometime during the weekend, but not on the 14th!

Since it was on a Sunday, we had to juggle church meetings in the midst of all of our fun traditions. I decided we could still fit everything in, if we just spread the festivities over the whole weekend. Friday we made decorations with Nana and Papa who came to visit.

Ryan enjoyed his Fun Dip from Nana.

Saturday we baked.

Chad took me out to dinner Saturday night and to see the play "Forever Plaid." It was awesome and is in town another week if you have a chance to go see it.

Sunday morning, I made heart shaped waffles for the boys with pink milk and strawberries, before we left the house at 8am for church. I was not a good enough wife to make them for Chad before he left at 6am. (I am sorry, Dear).

Don't the boys look handsome in their Sunday clothes?

And this is the dress I made for Molly for Valentines' Day.

After church the kiddos opened their Valentines' gifts (yes we give gifts) before lunch. We had cupcakes for dessert after lunch that the boys had made yesterday during our baking session. We all took naps so we would be able to stay up late. After naps, we did our traditional "fancy dinner" with tablecloth, toasts with sparkling cider, flank steak , and salad. At 5:30, we had to run back out the door to go to the church for another meeting.

We let the boys stay up extra late (until 9pm) when we came back home and we enjoyed our traditional chocolate fondue with fruit and a Conversation heart stacking contest. (Sorry I don't have any pictures of those. I was too busy playing and eating). I was the winner with 15 hearts. The boys were so exhausted they fell right asleep after we brushed all of the sugar bugs off their teeth. I know we are crazy, but I HEART Valentines' Day and will continue to celebrate it every year until my kids rebel and won't let me serve them pink milk anymore and are embarrassed to have their friends see the paper hearts all over our front door.


Jamie said...

That is so fun! My mom had traditions for things too, and they are some of my favorite memories of my childhood. We did Two weeks of "Christmas in July" where we made fudge and cookies, watched Christmas movies, and made our gifts for our extended family. We loved it and still talk about it. Your kids will remember this forever!

CR said...

You guys are SO awesome! I love it! How on earth did you get your waffles into such perfect heart shapes? I tried heart shaped pancakes, but they looked like blobs instead. ;)