Sunday, March 7, 2010

Andrew's First Play

Anyone who has met Andrew, knows how much he enjoys the limelight. How outgoing he is, what an incredible memory he has, and what a huge personality. So we decided to enroll him in an 8 week drama class this winter, thinking he would be in heaven. They were going to act out a different fairy tale each week and then at the last class, perform a compilation of parts of all the fairy tales. I couldn't imagine anything more perfect for my star performer.

I picked him up after the first class. He very matter of factly informed me that he would not be returning, that he had sat out of most of the games and that he missed me and he did not want to go to "make believe" school anymore. He told me that he kept asking his teacher when I was coming back. I was baffled. I spoke with his teachers at the next class and they were very sweet and told me that it was normal for 5 year olds to be shy, that he was well behaved and caused no problem, so there was no reason for me to be concerned. He just didn't want to perform. REALLY???? He didn't want to perform? He was shy? It came as a huge shock to me! I told them how outgoing Andrew is, how he performed for an audience from the stage at church when he was barely 3, how he participated in a talent contest in front of strangers when he was 2 singing the ABCs, how he memorizes long speeches and gives them at church in front of 50 kids and parents. Now it was their turn to be shocked. I am not sure they really believed that we were talking about the same kid.

When I got home and had time to think about it, I realized that Andrew had never gone to class without me present. I was there where he could still see me at soccer, gymnastics, and swimming. He knows lots of the grown-ups at church, and he knew the moms when we did preschool. This was really his first time being in a place where he knew no one. And he shut down. It took him 4 weeks of classes to feel secure. He still did not choose to participate every time, but eventually he was eager to go to class with his friends and he came home happy. His teachers both really liked him and he liked them. It was a great growing opportunity for Andrew (and me).

With that background, I wasn't sure what to expect at Tuesday's performance. But his whole family was there, so he got up there and said his part loud enough for everyone to hear and he was happy. Here is a video clip of his performance. And yes, that is Molly's voice in the background. And yes all of the kids got to choose their part and Andrew chose to be a troll. (All of the boys chose to be bad guys and the girls were all horses or princesses)!

The play was a cute mix up of several different fairy tales. We tried to condense it down to only show the parts that Andrew was in. We didn't think anyone who reads our blog would care about the rest.

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CR said...

He was fabulous, encore, encore!
I loved it! He seems very natural and comfortable on stage.