Sunday, March 28, 2010

The "not so" Great Train Expo

For weeks the newspaper and tv have advertised a Great Train Expo that was free for kids, had ride on trains, and train tables and activities for kids. There were also to be model trains to watch. Chad decided he would take the three kids by himself to go to it. I was excited for him to take them, too. He got the kiddos all dressed and ready and headed over to the fairgrounds. He paid for parking and the adult entry fee, all totaling $10. Not too bad for all those exciting things for the kids. But the marketing department for the expo exaggerated a little bit in their description of events. Chad was a little let down, but the kids had a great time with their Daddy, even if the train rides weren't actually train rides and cost $4 a person. And even if there were only 3 activities that did not include looking at $200 model trains to purchase. The kids just enjoyed their special time with their dad. And he loved being with them and managed to turn it into a fun adventure anyways. (And what did I get to do? I was out shopping for a little black dress for prom. By myself. With no kids. No nursing in the dressing room because Molly decided she was hungry because I was changing clothes. No having to stop for potty breaks every 20 minutes. I didn't find a dress, but I seriously enjoyed searching).


CR said...

Chad is such a good Dad to make the best of it. You will find the perfect dress and look gorgeous!

Christy said...

Worth every cent of that $10 bill. The kids are cuter every second.