Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visiting Nana's School

We got to visit Nana at her school where she works as a pre-k teaching assistant. The kids loved playing in centers and on the playground. At least Andrew did. It was fun to see him interact in a school environment. He interacted with the kids and tried to lead everyone in a Jedi battle out on the playground. It was a neat preview, and made me a little less nervous about the fall.

Ryan really enjoyed playing this matching clover game with the fishing pole.

So much so that when it was time to clean up, he melted down. In a way I had never seen him melt down before. I will spare him the embarrassment of full disclosure, but the tantrum included a failed attempt to throw over a filing cabinet. Luckily the pre-k kids were outside and missed it. Thanks for letting us come visit you Nana!

I know it looks like my kids are miserable, but they had a great time. They just didn't want to pose for me because it was time to go.


Greg and louise said...

Those kids sure do have a super Nana who is very pretty too. She is also an awesome sister.

CR said...

Your Mom looks beautiful! So great that they could visit her at school.