Thursday, March 25, 2010

What does a 5 year old buy with his own money?

Andrew began to receive an allowance in January. It is a very small amount, just enough that he can learn a little about saving and tithing. He has been saving up for something big, something special. He wasn't quite sure what that was, but he decided that it was finally time to spend some of it. He took some of his money out of his bank and placed it in a ziploc baggie and brought it with him to a little church consignment sale. He carefully picked up each item on the toy table and assessed them with eagle eyes. He passed over pirates, super heroes, and trains. He proudly gave the cashiers his coins.

And brought home this car ramp. His choice surprised me, but he was thrilled with his choice and enjoyed playing with it all afternoon. He was also quite possessive of it and told Ryan that he would not be ready to share his new toy for at least "20 years."

The 20 year time limit was quickly lifted though, when he realized playing alone with his toy wasn't too much fun. Then the three of them had a great time with the toy together. I think Molly was the one most pleased with his choice. I love this video clip of her hands waving in the air in excitement. (I do not love that the angle that the video was shot caught the boxes of clothes I was sorting through for the winter/spring change over. Embarrassing, but Molly's giggles are too cute not to share).

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CR said...

I am so proud of Andrew for saving and for sharing with Ryan before 20 years (hilarious). Molly is fabulous, I love her laugh! Your house still looks clean to me, but I am proud of you for showing that.