Thursday, March 25, 2010


We had a great time at the zoo with 2 of our cousins and Grandma Mary today.

I loved this pic of Masen and Andrew reading the signs about the animals together. Too cute!

Andrew's favorites were still the zoo train and climbing the rocks. He also said he liked the lion. (which was asleep and you couldn't really see him). I was pretty impressed with his ability to scale up this tall rock. He saw some bigger boys make it up there and he was determined to do it too!

Ryan really enjoyed eating snacks and lunch and said he was hungry most of the time we were there. He told me his favorite thing at the zoo were the "chimPAPzees." They were pretty cool. We actually saw a mom chimp come over to her baby with a blanket, cover his head, and nurse him! Amazing!

Ryan was really proud of himself for getting up on this chimp statue all by himself.

And in a "surprising" turn of events, Molly smiled all day long and happily sat in her stroller and in the ergo the whole day with no tears. I think her favorite was the squirrel we saw while we ate our picnic. She kept clapping for him.

Here are some fun pics of Masen and Madylen. I didn't ride home with them, so I am not sure what their favorite things or animals were at the zoo. But I sure enjoyed them.

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CR said...

What cute cousins! Masen and Andrew are so smart. What a shock that Molly was so happy and delightful. ;)