Sunday, April 25, 2010

Molly's Lollipop Shoppe-1 year old

"Call my baby Molly-pop, tell you why. Her kiss is sweeter than an apple pie."

"And when she does her shaky rocking dance, man I haven't got a chance."

"I call her Molly-pop, Molly-pop, oh Molly Molly Molly, Molly pop. A Boom Boom Boom."

"Sweeter than candy on a stick. Huckleberry or cherry or lime."

"If you had a choice she'd be your pick..."

"But Molly-pop is Miiiiiine."

Molly's birthday was on Tuesday and I made her the Lollipop shaped homemade banana cake pictured above. She really seemed to enjoy it. She opened her present from us and we went out to eat together. Here is a pic of Molly trying her first lemon....which she continued to eat after making this horrible face.

On Saturday we planned to have a Lollipop themed party at the park with lots of family and friends. But because of a severe weather forecast, we moved the location to our home. It didn't rain until the party ended, and we were crowded, but it was so nice to have so many people we love together. The following are pics of the party.

The poster on the door greeting our guests.

Lollipop planters

We had each of the guests sign this copy of Lady Lollipop for Molly.

The Lollipop Shoppe

We had three flavors of cupcakes. Strawberry with strawberry filling, lemon with key lime filling, and vanilla with peach jam filling. And any lollipop or pastel candy I found in the store over the last several months.

I love this little piggy from my Aunt Jan. Isn't she cute with the big pink bow and tiara!

The party favors...candy buckets.

And to ease my conscience a little about feeding our guests nothing but pure sugar, grape lollipops with some cheese and strawberries.

Molly received many wonderful gifts from all of her guests. Thank you all for your generosity and for being part of our special day. The post is already super long, so I am not posting pics of any of the guests or specific presents right now, because I can't post everyone and I don't want anyone to feel left out. (Which I know no one else would probably feel, but anyone who knows me at all knows how important it is to me that no one feels left out. And you also know that I am crazy). :)

This is the last WEEKLY Molly post. I will still post pics of her, but she will just be included in the family's regular posts of the fun things we do. I knew from experience how quickly this first year goes by. What a whirlwind of activity, joy, sleep deprivation, family adjustments, and growth this year is. I was afraid that I would miss it if I didn't capture snapshots of it each week. I appreciate our fans humoring me.

My lovely Molly Rose turned one this week. The time has gone by way too fast. I feel like I blinked and she was all grown up. Where did my little snuggle bunny newborn go? I miss her, but I love this little cruising ball of energy that is here in her place. Your smile, your laugh, your sparkly eyes are so precious to me. And even though you won't say "Mama", the look you give me, and me alone, lets me know that you love and need me almost as much as I love you. Oh how I love you, my dearest daughter. What dreams and hopes I hold for you. What memories I look forward to creating with you over a lifetime. I look forward with joy to this next year, as your personality unfolds, as you learn to speak and express your own thoughts and opinions. I am so excited to get to know you. To learn of your own dreams and hopes. To help you achieve them. But I also plan on enjoying these last few moments when I get to still choose what you wear, choose your birthday party themes, and imagine that you will love Shirley Temple, musicals, and Anne of Green Gables, as much as I do.

On your first birthday, you weigh 16 pounds and 9 ounces and are 27 5/8 inches tall. You are in the 12th percentile for both. You have zero teeth. You are cruising along on furniture. You clap and you can sign "yes" and "more." You say "hi," "Dada," "Bubba," "yeah," and "dat." You actually love to talk, and "say" a lot more, I just don't understand all of it yet. You love music and sing a lot. You love to play with your big brothers, you love to play with the telephone. You love to eat cheese and peeled/quartered grapes. You also love spaghetti. You are a sweet, good natured baby. You love everyone and you are well-loved in return. Happy Birthday, my Molly-pop!

If you are feeling super nostalgic, like me, you can click here and see Molly's first year's posts all together in one place.
( I could not resist posting music this week. I promise it will be gone next week). :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream - 51 Weeks

Ryan and Andrew each tasted ice cream for the very first time on their first birthday. Molly however, is lucky enough to have tasted ice cream 3 days earlier than her first birthday! (We wanted to use Ryan's cold stone coupon before it expired on Saturday, so we used Molly's at the same time). See, I am already starting to slack off with the 3rd kid. Starting to bend the rules, letting her off easier than her big brothers. Watch out, by the 5th kid I might be giving them ice cream a whole week early! :)

As you can see, Molly enjoyed her vanilla ice cream. I wasn't quick enough feeding her, in her opinion. She would start to cry between mouthfuls or kick her legs and wave her hands up and down with excitement.

Nana and Papa and Rachel were on their way home from visiting Appalachian, so they dropped by and joined us at the ice cream shoppe for an impromptu birthday celebration with Papa. It was fun to see them for a few minutes.

Molly had an allergic reaction to something this week (before she tried ice cream). I am still not sure what triggered it. She woke up with hives on her legs and bum and tummy. I gave her Benadryl and they were gone in 30 minutes. She woke up the same way the next morning as well,but after medicine was fine.

Another first this week is her first "sentence." Chad came in the room and she started to wave and say, "Hi, Dada!" She is also saying something that sounds like "Buba" to Andrew and Ryan. But still, no Mama.

Molly spent most of her week in the car or at the church in the ergo as we got ready for prom. She was a real trooper!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ryan is "All Happied Out"

Ryan told us several months ago that he wanted to ride a train for his birthday, and he never changed his mind. For weeks he has asked me how many days until his train ride party. Every time we ate dessert, he asked me if it was his birthday and were we riding a train that day. He dictated a list of all the friends and family he wanted to ride the train with him. It was a long list. So we invited his friends and family to join us up at the Transportation Museum in Spencer for a fun train ride and birthday treats. So many friends and family members made the long drive to join us. Ryan felt very loved and enjoyed his day immensely!

We started out the morning with the train ride. All 33 of us luckily managed to get in the same train car. It happened to be the same train car as the tour guide, so she had the whole train sing Happy Birthday to Ryan. He beamed ear to ear. She even let a couple of our guests speak in the microphone.

(When we got on the train, Andrew went and sat with his older friends. Ryan asked that he come back and sit with him. So Andrew did).

(Proof that Molly and I were there. Chad was the photographer today, so no proof of him).

After the train ride, we set up birthday treats in a picnic shelter. My mom and sister used our cricuit to make these cute train cupcake picks. (Thank you)! We ate train shaped crackers, apples, cheese, and juice as well.

After snacks, Ryan gave each of his guests train hats and train whistles. Then he opened his gifts. (with close supervision by his big brother).

A lot of our guests had to get back home after the treats and presents, but a few stuck around to visit the museum and play. Our kids got to paint these cute Thomas trains. Ryan wanted to paint his train pink. We went to the roundhouse and explored all of the engines. We even got to see them use the turntable to switch a train.

When we were leaving, I asked Ryan if he was tired out. He said, "No, I just happied out!" What more can a mommy ask for? He did actually fall asleep on the way home. But he was one happy kid the whole day.

Thank you to everyone who made the long drive to be with him on his big day. It really meant a lot to him. He kept listing the names of his family and friends who rode the train with him. It also meant a lot to me as his mommy.

Ryan is 3

Ryan, I love you. You are such an important part of our family. Your cheerfulness and goofiness supply me with endless joy. You fill a spot in my heart that I did not even know was empty. You are such a sweet 3 year old. And 3 can sometimes be such a hard age. You are stuck between big and little. As a little guy, you have become quite possessive of me lately. When Molly was born, you didn't seem to even notice that you were no longer the baby. You had Andrew, and that was all you cared about. But recently you have decided that you want to be my baby again. You tell me to put Molly down, whenever I pick her up. You ask me to carry you with one arm, if I don't put her down. You ask me to snuggle with you everyday at nap time. You even ask us to feed you sometimes. Then it is like a switch flips and you insist that you are big. The only phrase I hear more often than "Hold me!" is "I do it myself!" You want to dress yourself, fix your own food, buckle your own seat belt, and open your own doors. You get frustrated with yourself if you can't do physically what your mind wants to be able to do. You want to be big like Andrew and you play Star Wars and Super Heroes with him when he asks. But when you choose what to play, you love puzzles and dinosaurs and painting and sports. You love to make good choices. You are eager to please. You love to be included. You asked me just this morning, "Am I getting big like Andrew and Masen and Alex?"

Ryan, you are also a very smart little boy. You know all the uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds they make. You recognize your name in print and can spell it aloud. You know all of your colors and shapes. You can count to 10. You can do a 48 piece puzzle alone and 100 large piece puzzles with help. You just need mommy to turn all of the pieces over. You love to sing. Whenever Andrew and I are having school, you climb up next to me and say, "Tell me a question Mommy, please." You are eager to learn and learn quickly. You love to go to nursery and to have play dates with your friends. You can always tell me what the lesson was about in nursery.

Here are some fun facts about you, Ryan. I interviewed you on your birthday and asked you your favorites.

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite TV Show: Dinosaur Train
Favorite Movie: Toy Story
Favorite Toy: Trains
Favorite Food: Fruit of any kind
Favorite Candy: Candy Cane
Favorite Song: Families Can Be Together Forever
Best Friend: Andrew

Can you spot the difference? 50 Weeks

Look closely at this picture and see if you notice anything different about Molly-pop this week.

That's headband! Molly's hair finally grew enough to hold a small clip right smack in the middle of her head. It isn't long enough anywhere else. (Sorry, Nana and Papa, it does not mean I am going to stop putting the "brain squeezers" on her. Someday there will be enough for more hairstyle options. Until then, I know you will still love me and Molly anyway). :)

Another fun first this week was watching begin to play pretend for the first time. She picked up the phone and chatted away. "Hi! Hey! Hi! Dadadadadadada! Hi!" Such a sweetie!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun 2010

We had a fun Easter weekend. We had an egg hunt on Saturday with our Carolina Cousins and some family friends at a local park. The kids had a great time!

(Molly isn't a fan of grass).

We then headed down to Pinehurst to enjoy Easter and Conference weekend. Chad's dad took some pics of our family. Thanks, Dad!

A couple of quick stories I want to remember about Easter.

Ryan's first. We were speaking about the Easter Bunny coming when we were getting ready for bed on Saturday night. "I don't want the Easter Bunny to come and take my eggs, Mommy." He was pleasantly surprised that instead of taking his eggs, he brought him eggs, candy, toys, and a toothbrush.

Last night for scripture study, we were finishing up our Easter countdown that we do with Easter Eggs and scriptures and pictures of the Savior the week before Easter Sunday. We reviewed the entire account of the Savior's death and Resurrection last night, starting with the Triumphal Entry and ending with the empty tomb. The boys answered all of my questions and did a good job remembering what we had read about all week long. In closing I bore my testimony that the greatest gift that we have ever received was the promise that we would all live again after we died and that we have the opportunity to be together forever as a family because Jesus Christ gave his life for us and that because He lives, we will. I even teared up a little bit as I shared my feelings about these precious gifts. Andrew listened carefully and without missing a beat replied, "The gifts I really want for Easter are golden cotton candy and a lava dragon. And you know in Star Wars, Obi Wan comes back after he is dead and they see him, too. " I wish I could say I came up with something profound to say in return. I didn't. I just have to pray that our daily patterns are building his faith and knowledge in something much greater than "the force."

Molly's 1st Easter -49 Weeks

The Easter Bunny brought Molly a swimsuit in her basket and some yogurt melts. There are lots of pictures of her in our family Easter post, so I will just post one Easter pic of her here. Molly spent her first Easter in Pinehurst. She had a great time with everybody, but especially her cousin, Amelia and the dog, Nick. She kept crawling over to Nick to get him to lick her in the face. He happily obliged. She would very gently pet him. She and Amelia love to be near each other and are so sweet together.

Molly wasn't content with just climbing the stairs for very long. This week she discovered how fun it is climbing up the slide and sliding back down on her tummy. She's a little monkey girl. She still won't say "Mama." But she says "Dada" , "Hi", "Hey" and "Dat?" (meaning what's that). She sings, claps, and signs "more" and "milk." But not my name!

Nana's Birthday

We headed down for a quick visit with Nana for her birthday this week. We picked up Too-too and brought her, too. All three of the kiddos wore Nana's favorite color, ORANGE! We were just there for lunch, but we had a fun time! Happy Birthday, Nana! We love you!