Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can you spot the difference? 50 Weeks

Look closely at this picture and see if you notice anything different about Molly-pop this week.

That's headband! Molly's hair finally grew enough to hold a small clip right smack in the middle of her head. It isn't long enough anywhere else. (Sorry, Nana and Papa, it does not mean I am going to stop putting the "brain squeezers" on her. Someday there will be enough for more hairstyle options. Until then, I know you will still love me and Molly anyway). :)

Another fun first this week was watching begin to play pretend for the first time. She picked up the phone and chatted away. "Hi! Hey! Hi! Dadadadadadada! Hi!" Such a sweetie!

1 comment:

CR said...

Her hair is so pretty! What a big girl now. I'm glad you are still going to squeeze her brain too!