Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun 2010

We had a fun Easter weekend. We had an egg hunt on Saturday with our Carolina Cousins and some family friends at a local park. The kids had a great time!

(Molly isn't a fan of grass).

We then headed down to Pinehurst to enjoy Easter and Conference weekend. Chad's dad took some pics of our family. Thanks, Dad!

A couple of quick stories I want to remember about Easter.

Ryan's first. We were speaking about the Easter Bunny coming when we were getting ready for bed on Saturday night. "I don't want the Easter Bunny to come and take my eggs, Mommy." He was pleasantly surprised that instead of taking his eggs, he brought him eggs, candy, toys, and a toothbrush.

Last night for scripture study, we were finishing up our Easter countdown that we do with Easter Eggs and scriptures and pictures of the Savior the week before Easter Sunday. We reviewed the entire account of the Savior's death and Resurrection last night, starting with the Triumphal Entry and ending with the empty tomb. The boys answered all of my questions and did a good job remembering what we had read about all week long. In closing I bore my testimony that the greatest gift that we have ever received was the promise that we would all live again after we died and that we have the opportunity to be together forever as a family because Jesus Christ gave his life for us and that because He lives, we will. I even teared up a little bit as I shared my feelings about these precious gifts. Andrew listened carefully and without missing a beat replied, "The gifts I really want for Easter are golden cotton candy and a lava dragon. And you know in Star Wars, Obi Wan comes back after he is dead and they see him, too. " I wish I could say I came up with something profound to say in return. I didn't. I just have to pray that our daily patterns are building his faith and knowledge in something much greater than "the force."


CR said...

Andrew is hilarious, that made me laugh so hard! Molly is too cute, LOVE both dresses. Ryan is so sweet, I'm glad the bad bunny did not come steal his eggs. And you, Mrs. Hot, are gorgeous! Michelle Obama ain't got nothin' on your arms! You really look amazing and you deserve it.

Courtney said...

Haha, he's right about Obi Wan you know!! What an interesting analogy ;) I love Andrew. I always forget that he hasn't actually seen Star Wars. Glad you had a fun Easter!

aenea said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Sorry we missed you at the park!

kruegfam said...

Sorry we didn't get to be with you guys. You all look terrific. Andrew really looks like his Grandpa Steve to me in that last picture. Molly's Mommie was not a fan of grass either or dirt for that matter!