Sunday, April 4, 2010

Molly's 1st Easter -49 Weeks

The Easter Bunny brought Molly a swimsuit in her basket and some yogurt melts. There are lots of pictures of her in our family Easter post, so I will just post one Easter pic of her here. Molly spent her first Easter in Pinehurst. She had a great time with everybody, but especially her cousin, Amelia and the dog, Nick. She kept crawling over to Nick to get him to lick her in the face. He happily obliged. She would very gently pet him. She and Amelia love to be near each other and are so sweet together.

Molly wasn't content with just climbing the stairs for very long. This week she discovered how fun it is climbing up the slide and sliding back down on her tummy. She's a little monkey girl. She still won't say "Mama." But she says "Dada" , "Hi", "Hey" and "Dat?" (meaning what's that). She sings, claps, and signs "more" and "milk." But not my name!

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CR said...

Well that is only because you risked your life giving birth to her. ;) More fabulous headbands!
She is really cute with her cousins and so is Amelia. I'm sure they will be great friends.