Sunday, April 25, 2010

Molly's Lollipop Shoppe-1 year old

"Call my baby Molly-pop, tell you why. Her kiss is sweeter than an apple pie."

"And when she does her shaky rocking dance, man I haven't got a chance."

"I call her Molly-pop, Molly-pop, oh Molly Molly Molly, Molly pop. A Boom Boom Boom."

"Sweeter than candy on a stick. Huckleberry or cherry or lime."

"If you had a choice she'd be your pick..."

"But Molly-pop is Miiiiiine."

Molly's birthday was on Tuesday and I made her the Lollipop shaped homemade banana cake pictured above. She really seemed to enjoy it. She opened her present from us and we went out to eat together. Here is a pic of Molly trying her first lemon....which she continued to eat after making this horrible face.

On Saturday we planned to have a Lollipop themed party at the park with lots of family and friends. But because of a severe weather forecast, we moved the location to our home. It didn't rain until the party ended, and we were crowded, but it was so nice to have so many people we love together. The following are pics of the party.

The poster on the door greeting our guests.

Lollipop planters

We had each of the guests sign this copy of Lady Lollipop for Molly.

The Lollipop Shoppe

We had three flavors of cupcakes. Strawberry with strawberry filling, lemon with key lime filling, and vanilla with peach jam filling. And any lollipop or pastel candy I found in the store over the last several months.

I love this little piggy from my Aunt Jan. Isn't she cute with the big pink bow and tiara!

The party favors...candy buckets.

And to ease my conscience a little about feeding our guests nothing but pure sugar, grape lollipops with some cheese and strawberries.

Molly received many wonderful gifts from all of her guests. Thank you all for your generosity and for being part of our special day. The post is already super long, so I am not posting pics of any of the guests or specific presents right now, because I can't post everyone and I don't want anyone to feel left out. (Which I know no one else would probably feel, but anyone who knows me at all knows how important it is to me that no one feels left out. And you also know that I am crazy). :)

This is the last WEEKLY Molly post. I will still post pics of her, but she will just be included in the family's regular posts of the fun things we do. I knew from experience how quickly this first year goes by. What a whirlwind of activity, joy, sleep deprivation, family adjustments, and growth this year is. I was afraid that I would miss it if I didn't capture snapshots of it each week. I appreciate our fans humoring me.

My lovely Molly Rose turned one this week. The time has gone by way too fast. I feel like I blinked and she was all grown up. Where did my little snuggle bunny newborn go? I miss her, but I love this little cruising ball of energy that is here in her place. Your smile, your laugh, your sparkly eyes are so precious to me. And even though you won't say "Mama", the look you give me, and me alone, lets me know that you love and need me almost as much as I love you. Oh how I love you, my dearest daughter. What dreams and hopes I hold for you. What memories I look forward to creating with you over a lifetime. I look forward with joy to this next year, as your personality unfolds, as you learn to speak and express your own thoughts and opinions. I am so excited to get to know you. To learn of your own dreams and hopes. To help you achieve them. But I also plan on enjoying these last few moments when I get to still choose what you wear, choose your birthday party themes, and imagine that you will love Shirley Temple, musicals, and Anne of Green Gables, as much as I do.

On your first birthday, you weigh 16 pounds and 9 ounces and are 27 5/8 inches tall. You are in the 12th percentile for both. You have zero teeth. You are cruising along on furniture. You clap and you can sign "yes" and "more." You say "hi," "Dada," "Bubba," "yeah," and "dat." You actually love to talk, and "say" a lot more, I just don't understand all of it yet. You love music and sing a lot. You love to play with your big brothers, you love to play with the telephone. You love to eat cheese and peeled/quartered grapes. You also love spaghetti. You are a sweet, good natured baby. You love everyone and you are well-loved in return. Happy Birthday, my Molly-pop!

If you are feeling super nostalgic, like me, you can click here and see Molly's first year's posts all together in one place.
( I could not resist posting music this week. I promise it will be gone next week). :)


Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Molly!!!!

Christy said...

Really? One year already? Molly is such a little photogenic angel. Can I have you come and decorate for every one of our birthday parties? Every year. Everything turned out perfect!

Kim said...

It was a wonderful party! And I love the music for the post!

shelley said...

that is the most dolled-up little girl i've ever seen. and she seems to enjoy it! :) i'm so glad you had a little girl danielle. not that you don't love your little boys, but... you know what i mean.

she is so precious. what a fun year. rachelle turns 15 months on the 30th, and i'm sad. she is not my baby anymore. (even though she herself only has 4 teeth and still doesn't really talk...)

Dawn said...

Happy Belated Sweet Lollipop Molly! Hard to believe you are one already! Time sure flies!