Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ryan is 3

Ryan, I love you. You are such an important part of our family. Your cheerfulness and goofiness supply me with endless joy. You fill a spot in my heart that I did not even know was empty. You are such a sweet 3 year old. And 3 can sometimes be such a hard age. You are stuck between big and little. As a little guy, you have become quite possessive of me lately. When Molly was born, you didn't seem to even notice that you were no longer the baby. You had Andrew, and that was all you cared about. But recently you have decided that you want to be my baby again. You tell me to put Molly down, whenever I pick her up. You ask me to carry you with one arm, if I don't put her down. You ask me to snuggle with you everyday at nap time. You even ask us to feed you sometimes. Then it is like a switch flips and you insist that you are big. The only phrase I hear more often than "Hold me!" is "I do it myself!" You want to dress yourself, fix your own food, buckle your own seat belt, and open your own doors. You get frustrated with yourself if you can't do physically what your mind wants to be able to do. You want to be big like Andrew and you play Star Wars and Super Heroes with him when he asks. But when you choose what to play, you love puzzles and dinosaurs and painting and sports. You love to make good choices. You are eager to please. You love to be included. You asked me just this morning, "Am I getting big like Andrew and Masen and Alex?"

Ryan, you are also a very smart little boy. You know all the uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds they make. You recognize your name in print and can spell it aloud. You know all of your colors and shapes. You can count to 10. You can do a 48 piece puzzle alone and 100 large piece puzzles with help. You just need mommy to turn all of the pieces over. You love to sing. Whenever Andrew and I are having school, you climb up next to me and say, "Tell me a question Mommy, please." You are eager to learn and learn quickly. You love to go to nursery and to have play dates with your friends. You can always tell me what the lesson was about in nursery.

Here are some fun facts about you, Ryan. I interviewed you on your birthday and asked you your favorites.

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite TV Show: Dinosaur Train
Favorite Movie: Toy Story
Favorite Toy: Trains
Favorite Food: Fruit of any kind
Favorite Candy: Candy Cane
Favorite Song: Families Can Be Together Forever
Best Friend: Andrew

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CR said...

That is so precious, what a wonderful boy! How is he 3? It goes too fast. We love Ryan!