Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ryan is "All Happied Out"

Ryan told us several months ago that he wanted to ride a train for his birthday, and he never changed his mind. For weeks he has asked me how many days until his train ride party. Every time we ate dessert, he asked me if it was his birthday and were we riding a train that day. He dictated a list of all the friends and family he wanted to ride the train with him. It was a long list. So we invited his friends and family to join us up at the Transportation Museum in Spencer for a fun train ride and birthday treats. So many friends and family members made the long drive to join us. Ryan felt very loved and enjoyed his day immensely!

We started out the morning with the train ride. All 33 of us luckily managed to get in the same train car. It happened to be the same train car as the tour guide, so she had the whole train sing Happy Birthday to Ryan. He beamed ear to ear. She even let a couple of our guests speak in the microphone.

(When we got on the train, Andrew went and sat with his older friends. Ryan asked that he come back and sit with him. So Andrew did).

(Proof that Molly and I were there. Chad was the photographer today, so no proof of him).

After the train ride, we set up birthday treats in a picnic shelter. My mom and sister used our cricuit to make these cute train cupcake picks. (Thank you)! We ate train shaped crackers, apples, cheese, and juice as well.

After snacks, Ryan gave each of his guests train hats and train whistles. Then he opened his gifts. (with close supervision by his big brother).

A lot of our guests had to get back home after the treats and presents, but a few stuck around to visit the museum and play. Our kids got to paint these cute Thomas trains. Ryan wanted to paint his train pink. We went to the roundhouse and explored all of the engines. We even got to see them use the turntable to switch a train.

When we were leaving, I asked Ryan if he was tired out. He said, "No, I just happied out!" What more can a mommy ask for? He did actually fall asleep on the way home. But he was one happy kid the whole day.

Thank you to everyone who made the long drive to be with him on his big day. It really meant a lot to him. He kept listing the names of his family and friends who rode the train with him. It also meant a lot to me as his mommy.


CR said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!! We sure did miss you all. I remember when Andrew had his party there. Good times!

Janine said...

Thanks for the great party! We really enjoyed celebrating with Ryan, and Cora especially loved the train ride.

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! What a day! Everyone looks like they had a blast.