Sunday, April 18, 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream - 51 Weeks

Ryan and Andrew each tasted ice cream for the very first time on their first birthday. Molly however, is lucky enough to have tasted ice cream 3 days earlier than her first birthday! (We wanted to use Ryan's cold stone coupon before it expired on Saturday, so we used Molly's at the same time). See, I am already starting to slack off with the 3rd kid. Starting to bend the rules, letting her off easier than her big brothers. Watch out, by the 5th kid I might be giving them ice cream a whole week early! :)

As you can see, Molly enjoyed her vanilla ice cream. I wasn't quick enough feeding her, in her opinion. She would start to cry between mouthfuls or kick her legs and wave her hands up and down with excitement.

Nana and Papa and Rachel were on their way home from visiting Appalachian, so they dropped by and joined us at the ice cream shoppe for an impromptu birthday celebration with Papa. It was fun to see them for a few minutes.

Molly had an allergic reaction to something this week (before she tried ice cream). I am still not sure what triggered it. She woke up with hives on her legs and bum and tummy. I gave her Benadryl and they were gone in 30 minutes. She woke up the same way the next morning as well,but after medicine was fine.

Another first this week is her first "sentence." Chad came in the room and she started to wave and say, "Hi, Dada!" She is also saying something that sounds like "Buba" to Andrew and Ryan. But still, no Mama.

Molly spent most of her week in the car or at the church in the ergo as we got ready for prom. She was a real trooper!


Brandon said...

Noah called Brandon "Dad" and me "Daddy" until he was almost 2! I know that he knew how to say Mommy but he was just stubborn!

Rebekah said...

neither of my boys said momma until later, but then paige said it early. go figure....

Greg and louise said...

What a sweet "Molly Pop." I'd be waving my hands and kickin my feet in excitement for ice cream too. Yeah, you are right by the 5th baby...who knows how soon he/she will get to try ice cream.