Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kiddos' Photo Shoot

I took Molly for her traditional birthday pics and had the boys hop in for a couple, too. The boys were super cooperative, but not Molly. She cried and cried and cried. We actually had to take a 15 minute break and start over again and she still was pretty cranky. Until Mommy introduced a prop...then the tears dissolved like sugar. These are pretty low res pics. We did not buy all of these, they are just from the cd. And we are too lazy tonight to go downstairs and scan in the ones we did buy.

Molly dropped the lollipop and that is why you can see tape on it. We did not actually purchase the trashy looking taped up lollipop pics, but I thought they were cute. (and funny)

So, I am not sure what these looks on the boys' faces mean on this pic below. You can insert your own thought bubble above their heads.


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CR said...

Molly is gorgeous! She is SO happy, I LOVE her smile! She can light up a room with it. The boys look so handsome. How did they get so BIG? They were just born! I think the tape on the lollipop is so funny too.