Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lego Store

The boys have looked forward to visiting the Lego store for several weeks. Andrew had saved up many weeks of allowance to spend and had done several extra jobs around the house to earn money. He had dreams of buying large Star War ships. The kind that cost over $200. Unfortunately, he only had $15 of buying power. It did not stop him from enjoying the store. He carefully looked at every Star Wars Lego set and chose his favorite (in his price range).

Ryan fell in love with the Make Your Own Mini station.

When we were ready to go, Chad gave Andrew his money he had been carrying in his wallet for him and allowed Andrew to pay.

I took Ryan up to pay for his. I pulled out my credit card. Complete meltdown ensued. "I want money!" I pulled out some cash. "NO! I WANT DADDY'S MONEY!" Ryan refuses to be treated differently than his big brother, these days.

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CR said...

Ryan is way too smart! Very impressive that Andrew earned his own money. He is a smart shopper.