Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quoting Yoda

It is no big secret that Andrew is not the tallest 5 year old around. He is not even average height. It doesn't really stop him from doing whatever he wants, so it rarely bothers him. Except when he comes in contact with new kids his age. Conversations between 5 year boys usually start something like this.

Random 5 year old boy: How old are you? I am 5.

Andrew: Me too. I am 5, too.

R5YOB: No you aren't. I am bigger than you. Hey Mommy. I am taller and I am 5. That kid's little.

Andrew: Do you want to play?

This is the same conversation we have at the library, park, museums. Wherever we run into other kids. It is crazy how the conversation in almost verbatim every time.

When we were at the farm, there were several kindergarten classes there. Some of the boys were climbing trees. Andrew thought it looked like fun. I was nursing Molly, but Andrew went over and joined the boys by himself. He came back several minutes later.

Andrew: Mommy, those boys said I was too little to climb the trees, but I told them "SIZE MATTERS NOT." (in Andrew's imitation of Yoda's voice). I had to tell them 3 TIMES before they listened to me. Then my friends finally gave me a turn and let me climb the tree.

Poor r5 YOboys, I am sure they weren't persuaded that Andrew was not a baby when he was speaking in incomplete sentences in a scary old man voice. But climb the tree he did, so they couldn't really say anything else after that.


Courtney said...

LOVE this. He is so good at applying star wars to real life situations, you should be proud! ;)

And next time I see Andrew I will most definitely be asking him for a Yoda impression. Can't wait!!

CR said...

He is SO hilarious, I am still laughing! It serves the other 5 year olds right.