Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ramblings about Molly at 13 months

Molly has grown up so much these past few weeks. She has turned into quite the independent and opinionated young lady. She is still not walking, but that really doesn't stop her from getting what she wants. She still isn't really talking, but again, doesn't really stop her from getting what she wants. She cut her first tooth yesterday, at 13.5 months.

She has enough hair to put in a little tiny ponytail, but we don't do that too often.

And....she finally said, Mama. Only once, two weeks ago, and not since. But she said it. In front of witnesses. At the top of a slide. Her favorite word besides Dada these days is Bubba. She calls for her brothers as much as she calls Dada. And now RYAN has started calling Molly, Bubba. And she is responding. I am hoping this is a nickname that doesn't stick. I have a lovely Aunt Beverley who was called BUTCH most of my life. I was probably 8 before I knew that was not her name.

On the same day Molly said Mama, we were at the park. She climbed up the ladders, through the tunnel, up a staircase, and found a group of big kids (her brother and his friends) blocking the way. She clearly explained in her own little language that they needed to move, and they did! She slid down the long twisty slide all by herself! (with a friend at the bottom to catch her).

Molly saw some caramel popcorn on the counter. She found a chair, pushed it over, climbed up, and retrieved her prize. She was so pleased with herself.

On our beach trip, she kept climbing out of her high chair on to the table.

I haven't had a climber before. So I am looking forward to baby proofing in a whole new way.


Haylee said...

One of my nieces is now called "Munch", a nickname given to her by an older brother. The whole family calls her that now...poor kid. Hopefully Molly will have better luck.

CR said...

Bubba is too funny! I feel honored to have heard her say Mamma. She is SO dang sweet!