Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Since the actual 4th was on the Sabbath, we had a pretty low key day. We went to church, came home and took naps to recover from yesterday's festivities, and then the boys helped me make this "Star-berry" pie.

We cooked out kabobs on the grill for dinner and then headed for some local fireworks at my favorite spot in town, Shallowford Square. On the way we listened to and sang Patriotic songs together. A few other families from church met us there, too. We read a couple of patriotic stories to the kids, played Simon Says, and snacked on popcorn while we waited for the big event. We also tried unsuccessfully to get a shot of all 3 of our little ones looking at the camera at the same time. :)

Ryan and Molly were both a little nervous, but Ryan eventually warmed up. Molly however, never really did. She would look for a moment, and then turn away. Eventually she snuggled up to me, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and quietly endured the fireworks. Andrew just kept saying "AWESOME" each time a firework exploded.

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CR said...

Your pie is amazing, it makes me wish I could bake. You guys are TOO fun.