Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amazing Birthday Surprise

Chad told me he had planned a surprise for my birthday this weekend. I was completely clueless and for once didn't do any sneaking to try and figure it out. He arranged for my sister, Emily to come up and stay with the kiddos. We hopped in the car and we drove to Charlotte. I guessed it was a concert, but I did not know who was in town. I couldn't even tell when we were standing outside in line. It wasn't until we walked in the building that I finally saw this screen in the stadium that said Michael Buble!

I was so excited and so surprised. There was a really long line to the bathroom, and I told Chad I should probably hop in it. He convinced me to wait until we found our seats. We headed upstairs in a private elevator to a suite (where there was no one in the bathroom)! We sat directly above the stage and had a great view for the whole concert. It was amazing. The guys that opened were great, too. I had a wonderful time!

While we were enjoying the concert, MB walked through the audience. Up on the screen they showed him high fiving a guy in the audience. It was the best man from our wedding, Chris. We managed to find him and his wife afterwards. It was fun to run into someone we knew in a stadium filled with thousands of people!

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CR said...

That is an amazing birthday surprise, but you deserve it! I think Chad wins best present for that one. What a great bonus to see your best man too!