Sunday, July 11, 2010

Andrew's Testimony

Last Sunday, on the 4th of July, Andrew decided that he wanted to bear his testimony in Sacrament Meeting. It wasn't something that we had really discussed often and he had never really shown any interest, so I was a little surprised. I explained to him that a testimony was how someone felt about the Gospel, their family, and the Savior. I explained to him that since it was how HE felt, that he would need to be able to do it alone, (but that one of us could walk up there with him if he wanted). He said he wanted to go to the pulpit alone. I had him do a trial run in the van on the way, just so I could make sure that he wasn't planning on saying something inappropriate (like how he had a testimony of star wars or something like that. He is only 5 after all). :) But he actually bore a very sweet, age appropriate testimony in the car, and needed no guidance. When it was time to bear his testimony, he walked to the stand and sat and waited his turn. Then he looked at the congregation and decided that there were A LOT of people. He motioned for Chad to come up there with him. With his daddy sitting behind him, he was ready to go! He did a beautiful job and I loved hearing his feelings about the scriptures, the Savior and his family. And in case you are, I didn't cry, but I was very proud of my "not so little" boy who strengthens my testimony of my Savior through his example every day.


Greg and louise said...

Awesome....made tears well up in my eyes and my throat get all choked up just imagining his sweet little voice. I know you were proud.

CR said...

That made me cry too. He is SO precious.