Sunday, July 18, 2010

Molly's 14th Month

Molly is moving up in the world...literally and figuratively. She has mastered climbing up and down the stairs, into chairs, onto tables, onto toilets, and into the bathroom sinks. I have started stacking chairs on the table when she is awake, much to her dismay.She managed to climb in the high chair to reach and to throw Chad's laptop on the floor, thus necessitating the purchase of a new hard drive. She is finally taking a couple of steps and is able to bend over to pick up a toy and stand back up. Her vocabulary hasn't increased a lot, but she has no problem communicating her thoughts. She is a happy little girl, as long as she is getting her way.

She loves the color pink and claps every time she sees something pink. She plays peek a boo. She blows kisses constantly, and she loves to give real kisses. She leans over and instead of "smooching," Molly clicks her tongue and gives you a kiss. Molly loves to play with her baby dolls. She carries them around the house, she sings to them, and she rocks them. She also throws them out of the doll stroller so she can climb in herself. Molly has cut 2 bottom teeth and half of a tooth on top.

Her Grandma Mary came to visit and brought her this special quilt. She has made each of my children a quilt. Molly clapped when she saw it (it was pink, after all) and snuggled right up to it at nap time.

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CR said...

That little girl makes me laugh! She is SO awesome. Her grandma made a beautiful quilt, what a great gift.