Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not much of anything

I haven't really posted the past couple of weeks because we haven't had anything BIG we have been up to, just lots of fun little things that make summer wonderful.

We have been going to the library every week for story time and then having a picnic at a park afterward. We are checking out tons of books and we are all enjoying story time with Andrew.

We have had fun exploring the local libraries and parks and hope to visit each one in our area at least once this summer.

We went to Pinehurst for a double birthday party and had a fun time building marshmallow sculptures with our cousins! We also had fun at the pool, but no pics from there. I am lame.

Andrew went to Space Camp at Sciworks for a week. He had a great time! (But Ryan and I missed him a lot each morning).

We are having our own little "Camp" each week with some neighbors. This week we made t-shirts and necklaces for the 4th of July! Ryan loves crafts!

We have worked a lot in the garden and yard. The kids are real troopers.

And of course, what would summer be without a dip in the pool? Molly loves the water!


Greg and louise said...

It looks like an awesomely fun summer to me.

kruegfam said...

So Miss Molly is gonna climb before she can walk?

kruegfam said...
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CR said...

Yay, you are back! I missed you. You guys are so fun, I sure wish I were there so that maybe some of your fun-ness would rub off on me. ;)