Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The Plan" according to Andrew

Andrew just returned from playing at a friend's house.  He was playing with much older boys.  Older boys who play like older boys play.  My Andrew is a five year old who still doesn't really completely grasp the subtle nuances of make believe fighting.  Here is our conversation we he returned home. 

Andrew: Mom, there was a BIG CRIME SCENE at J's house.
Mom: Really, were you guys playing good guys and bad guys?
Andrew: There was this big kid and he was holding down my friend and my friend said, "Help me!"  So I told the big kid, "Excuse me, but please let go of my friend."
Mom: Did that work?
Andrew: No...he wouldn't let go, so I kicked him in the BOTTOM! (Andrew spins around on one foot and karate chops the invisible enemy).
Mom: You really kicked him or you pretended to kick him? 
Andrew: I really kicked him and then he threw me on the couch.  So I did this.  (more elaborate karate chops and twists and turns).  Then he threw me on the couch again.  Then I gave him a choice.  "If you get off my friend I won't give you a Jedi slam, but if you won't I will give you a Jedi slam."  The crime scene raged on enemy to enemy again.  Then we went to eat lunch.  Then afterward it raged on again.  We had to fight, fight, fight.
Mom: It sounds like it was a pretend fight.  Did you like playing like that?

Andrew: (exasperated) Mom, I had to help out my friend!  I asked the big kid nicely to stop, but he didn't.  So I helped my friend.  Being a helper is following Jesus's plan.  If I had not helped J, that would be bad and I don't want to follow Satan's plan. So, um, I chose the right.


jennielouwho said...

Love the reasoning behind that one!

Justin said...

That is awesome! My childhood experience would have been very different if I'd known how to jedi slam.

Jenny said...

I am cracking up out loud over this one. Reminds me of my Nathan when he was younger.

Courtney said...

SO funny, and SO Andrew to say "excuse me" to the bad guy!! I miss him.