Sunday, July 11, 2010

Worker Guys

I am already in love with Andrew's school, and school doesn't start for several weeks! There are hundreds of reasons to love it. But at the top of my list this weekend is the value they place on volunteer work. They require each family to volunteer an average of an hour per week per child attending. On Saturday they had a workday to help start accumulating hours. The day was structured so that families could do the projects WITH their kids! Awesome! We were asked to help paint the dance and theater studio floor. The boys had fun, I met some amazing families, and we got to teach the boys about service doing something that was actually meaningful.

One cute story about our day. As we were leaving, Chad told the boys that he was proud of them for their hard work. There were a few older kids sitting at a table playing a DS. They had been helping in other areas of the building, but were taking a break. Ryan saw them and looked up at his Daddy and very indignantly declared, "Those are not worker guys. We were workers. But they...they are not working!" Of course Chad explained to Ryan that they were just taking a break, but I don't think we convinced him. He was happy to help, but wanted to make sure everyone else was pulling their fair weight. :)


Avni said...

so cute and wonderful.

CR said...

Ryan is hilarious, I love it!