Thursday, August 19, 2010

Andrew's Open House

This is Andrew's Kindergarten Class Assistant.  She is as super nice as his teacher.  He had the chance to meet her at Open House on Monday.   After a brief visit in Andrew's classroom the K-2 students and families all met together.  Having attended many open house meetings in my life as a student and career as a teacher, I was a little concerned at how well all 3 kiddos would do.  They typically are dry affairs with intros of important people, lists of rules, and a long welcome speech by the principal.  But I wanted to hear the info, so we all went together.

However, this is no ordinary school, and the principal is no ordinary principal.  The Assistant Principal pulled out her guitar, and began to sing the student handbook to the tune of a Beethoven Symphony.  The principal interjected comments and clarifications along the way with good-natured humor and kindness.  Even Molly was captivated!  The kids thought it was great and Andrew and I still remember all of the rules we learned from the song.  After the song they quickly had each teacher run across the stage, then they dismissed us.  That was it!  It was fun, short, and completely child centered.  I am in love with this school!

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