Thursday, August 19, 2010

The First Day of School

Andrew was so excited about his first day of school. (And so was I)!!!  I wanted to start some fun new traditions for our family.   I had lots of big plans and ideas, but I decided to keep things simple.  I thought if I wanted these traditions to be sustainable when I had 5 kiddos in school, they HAD to be simple.

Of course he had a blessing from his daddy.  Chad had taught a beautiful Family Home Evening Lesson about a little girl who was scared to go to Kindergarten and so her Daddy gave her a blessing of comfort.  Chad then asked  if he would like a blessing. " No thanks, I am not afraid of anything."  We convinced him that you didn't have to be scared to get a blessing.  Ryan asked for one too, which I thought was probably good, since I am so worried about how lonely he will be without his best friend.

For breakfast the first day of school, I made muffins, smoothies, and we ate fruit.

I had him write on his white board what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He wrote, "A Jedi Nit" (Knight)  At first, he had actually written "U Jedi Kit" but erased it and fixed it himself.   I hope to let him do that the first day of every school year to see how his handwriting and aspirations grow and change.

Then the entire family went to take him to the first day of school. I tried to get some pictures of him in front of the school and the school entrance.  He was pretty uncooperative.  He finally had enough and said, "Come on let's go in already.  I am ready to get started!"  So we have a picture of the sign, but no Andrew.

The school has a staggered entrance for kindergarteners.  Andrew was in the first group to go.  There were only 5 kids there the first day.   We took pictures of him getting settled in.

Even though there were only 4 kids other kids, we already knew 2 of them.  One was our neighbor, Caroline and another was a very sweet little girl who was in his Sunbeam class at church.  There were also 2 other boys.  Andrew said he had a great time playing with them all.

After hugging Andrew goodbye, Chad drove us home.  I cried, of course, but only that once.  I was actually more excited for him, then I was sad. (I know, only once...aren't you amazed)?

At home, we started another new tradition.  The little ones at home helped make cookies and a card for Andrew.  (at least that is the tradition I wanted to start.  Ryan has been sick, so he just made the card).  I had seen these cool Darth Vader cookies a few weeks ago and was excited to make them for him.   So after we picked him up from school, we came home and ate cookies and milk so he could tell me all about his day.

The first words out of his mouth were "It was AWESOME!" It took several hours for me to get the full details.  He was not too forthcoming with information.  But I found if I didn't ask any questions, information would gradually spill out.

*He played outside 2 times.  He pretended to be characters from Bakugan with his two new friends.
*He learned the sign language sign for "bathroom."
*He counted to 102 for his teacher and then counted some frogs.
*He went on a tour of the school.
*He ran out of time at lunch and didn't get to eat his lunch mint I had packed for his stinky hummus breath.
*He did Yoga.
*He took a very short rest, for like a minute. 
*Someone (but not him) forgot the rules and talked in the cafeteria.
*His favorite part of his day was writing this note and picture in class after reading the story "The Kissing Hand."

He drew a picture of each family member and labeled our names.  He wrote "Mollypop" next to his sister.  It is hard to read in this picture, but the note says, "Miy famly is stopidis and cool to.  I love my famly.  My famly is bedr then ine uthr famly and nis."  (My family is stupendous and cool, too.  I love my family.  My family is better than any other family and nice).     Perhaps our next FHE should be on humility.

For dinner we had homemade pizza and enjoyed playing Bingo together before bed.   He had a fun day, and as we were getting ready for bed, he told me how excited he was to go back to school in the morning.  I guess I had not done a very good job explaining the whole staggered entrance thing to him.  He was so disappointed to find out he didn't go back until Monday.  I guess that is a good sign.