Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving My Baby Sister

She was 14 months old the day I left home to attend Meredith College.   She never remembers me living at home, but she is there, ever present in my memories of my last few months as a child.  This week, I left my own 1 year old at home with her daddy, while I went with my family to move Rachel into college at Southern Virginia University.  It has made me nostalgic about my own wonderful college experience.  I hope hers is as happy, challenging, fun, and filled with growth opportunities as mine was. I hope that she makes friendships there that will continue to be a major influence in her life.   I am so proud of the beautiful woman she has become.  So grateful for the positive influence she has been on my life.  She has always been and remains, my Sunshine. 

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CR said...

That made me cry. I love Rachel!