Monday, August 23, 2010

Reynolda Farmers' Market and Tree Climbing

A friend at Book Club told me about a small Farmers' Market that had opened at Reynolda.  No one at our house had been sick since Tuesday, so last Friday, we loaded up the van and headed out for some much needed fresh air.   While there, we ran into another friend from Book Club who had come to check out the market.  The market is very small, but the quality was good and the vendors were so friendly.  There were even a few bakeries represented.  We bought some cookies and shared then with our friends under the shade of this massive tree.  Andrew had a great time climbing, but Ryan was more comfortable on the ground.  I love Reynolda.  I am not sure why we don't go there more often.  It really is one of my favorite spots in town.  There are great hiking trails, pretty flowers in the arboretum,  bike and jogging trails, wide open fields for running and kite flying, and of course great trees to climb.

We had to cut our visit shorter than I would have wished, because Ryan started complaining about a tummy ache, and I was taking no chances, given our recent history.

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